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My name is Matthew Cochran, I am a recent graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, earning my B.A. from the Social Welfare Department. My time at Berkeley proved to be essential in finding what I consider to be the two key aspects of my existence: the passion which drives me and the compassion I display. I hope to offer my knowledge, skills, and abilities as assets to your organization.

Work experience


Business Designer & Market Researcher

AWAKE Foundation
  • Establish and help co-found AWAKE Foundation, a group of central valley African American leaders dedicated to finding and offering educational opportunities for local students and leader who are in line with the organizations mission. 
  • Design Business and Marketing Plan along with promotional materials to help with reaching the target audience and clients. 

Student Organizer

Frenso Pacific University
  • Participate in extra-curricular student led activities to familiarize Office of Spiritual Formation with student needs
  • Organize students in the Office of Spiritual Formation and in the student body towards community non-profit participation.
  • Audit student organizations to understand the viability of each program towards advancement of the organizations primary mission
  • Create advertisements and promotional campaigns to communicate the Office of Spiritual Formations and t
  • Work full time for 9 weeks (200 hours community service)


World Impact Hub, Fresno
  • Help facilitate childrens mentorships and local community partnerships with the goal of organizing and sustaining new formed churches, mission outreaches, and communications
  • Transport children from Fresno to camp sites
  • Counsel and Spiritually mentor young adults and children age ranges 12-24
  • Advise director and committee board on new ideas and innovative/creative solutions regarding outreach and promotion
  • Work full time for 9 weeks (200 hours community service)



B.A. Graphic Design

Fresno Pacific University

Emphasis in Graphic Arts and computer generated design, color theory and the psychological impact of color on space.


B.A. Social Welfare

University of California, Berkeley

Emphasis in poverty alleviation, sociological research methods, and socio-economic impacts of redlining and gentrification on low-income neighborhoods. 



Buhach Colony High School


Westbury Christian School


Public Speaking

Led various student groups like fellowship of Christian Athletes and participated in various Boys and Girls Clubs speaking engagements. Was a student body president and organizer from 2011-2012 for Buhach Colony High school while also participating in an All-American and All-State football achievement event.

Group Dynamics

While working for World Impact Fresno, UC Berkeley football team, and Fresno Pacific's Office of Spiritual Formation, various political and administrative affiliations either prevented or facilitated a need for ease of communications. Each of the previously mentioned opportunities provided a space to learn and build skills in managing groups.

Sustainable Design

Although not mentioned here, during my time in Trinidad & Tobogo (2008), along with my educational experiences in the sustainable environmental design department at UC Berkeley (2013-2014), and my time partnering in Grolutions (Lanscape Renovations, (2015-2016) I present an array of knowledge regarding not only organic, but inorganic organizations and how they may operate in a more sustainable manner.

Skills, Additional Experience and Relevant Coursework

Trinidad & Tobago

  • Was stationed in Trinidad as missionary/worker. Grouped with 20 teenagers and adults from different portions of the US.  The main objective of the group was to sustainably create a two mile long obstacle course for local children and teenagers to adventure.
  • Created excellent field experience within the field of sustainable design.
  • Gave me extensive cultural competency training along with adolescent and child behavioral knowledge.
  • Hands on experience with Bamboo and wetland terrain.

Relevant Coursework        

  •  Social Welfare  114, Social Welfare 116H (Homelessness in America), Social Welfare 112 (Policy), Sociology of the American Family, Cognitive Science 138, Peace and Conflict Studies 127, Environmental Design 11A & 1, Architecture 98, ,  Landscape Architecture 12 (Ecology)

College of Environmental Design                                    

  • Analyzed and collected data from oldest and most water inefficient bathrooms on UC Berkeley Campus.
  • Although unpublished, research was collected by the UC and used to reinstall more efficient water systems in identified and targeted buildings.

Community Service

  • 100+Hours Service (Friendship Missionary Baptist)
  • 100+Hours Service (World Impact)
  • 100+ Hours Service (BCHS Leadership)
  • 100+Hours Service (Trinidad & Tobogo 3mo Mission)

Social Media

  • Proficiency in the use of and marketing on : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Youtube, Instagram,

Foreign Language Experience

  • English Proficiency
  • Latin and Spanish Minor Proficiency
  • American Sign Language Medium Proficiency

Microsoft Progams

  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Movie Maker, Microsoft Outlook

Design Program

  • Paint, Adobe Photoshop/ Elements, AutoCAD 2012-2015 (Minor Proficiency), ArchGIS
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Final Cut ProX
  • Adobe InDesign


Joe Stefani: Mortgage Broker

(209) 564-8641

Andr Carter: Ex-Professional NFL - UC Berkeley Football Staff

(408) 799-5593