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My name is Matthew Bellenger. I am a trained Camera Operator and Cinematographer. I have many skills to offer and I am trying to gain more Experience with successful films. I am a hard worker who can work well in a team. I will always provide ideas and have the initiative to take hold of a project and help it succeed. I can work well as a group and listen to everyone's ideas and can learn from them. I never give up on a project and make sure I am 100% satisfied with the project. I am very proud of my work an work hard to ensure it is unique and highly rated, I love the work I do and would be a great help in up coming projects.

Work experience

Mar 2013Jul 2014

Cinematographer - Boardwalk Empire


I had the opportunity to be Director of Photography on the hit series Boardwalk Empire, I was able to work on 2 complete series, I was in charge of capturing Atlantic City in its true light and using different shots create the ideal atmosphere for the audience. From establishing shots of the pier to the close ups of characters faces as they gun down another gang. It was an amazing opportunity to work on such a large and high budget set. I was also able to work with many talented camera operators and learned many team leading skills as well as creative skills for future cinematography work.

Aug 2012Jan 2013

Camera Man - The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

New Line Cinema 

As camera operator on the film The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug I had such a great opportunity to work with many talented actors, directors and Oscar winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie. He taught me many things, he taught me how to be more creative and risky with the shots I use and gave me the opportunity to choose some shots of my own. It was a great experience. I also worked with a lot of high quality equipment including a new IMAX camera that films in 4K. Working on such a high budget film gave me many opportunity's and let me become more creative and work with many new things such as CGI. I also traveled a lot through New Zeland to get stunning establishing shots.

Jan 2012Oct 2012

Camera Operator - Game Of Thrones


As camera man my job was to film exactly how the director told me to. I operated a state of the art camera and used a lot of high tech equipment, i worked with different members of the crew to ensure everyone worked together efficiently and all the camera men worked together to ensure we had good results. Working as a camera man has given me the skills to work further up in the chain and helped me with creative ideas to apply to future jobs.

Portfolio - Factual Programming

This was a short Documentary I Directed and edited, I was part of a 3 man team and we decided to make a documentary highlighting the fact that Butchery is dying and people shopping at supermarkets are killing the industry. I tried to make the documentary as gripping as possible and gave many different views on the matter. Showing I can not only edit but also direct and film shows that I have a wide variety of skills to use as part of my job.

Portfolio - Re Dubbing Videos

This was a re-dub I made using soundtrack pro, using the program I made all new sounds to make the fight scene more gripping. This took hours to do however I was happy with the result. Soundtrack pro is a complex program that requires a lot of skill to use. It is a long process to make sounds fit in with the film and tone of the clip.


Sep 2010Jul 2012

Creative Media Level 3 Extended Diploma

Solihull College

I studied Level 3 Creative Media at Solihull College. I learned many things there and this was where I really started to become involved in media. I learned many skills such as photo editing and video editing. I managed to also learn to use a lot of equipment such as cameras and apple I Macs, I managed to get distinctions and Merits for the course at the end of the 2 years I attended. 

Sep 2008Jul 2010


Heart of England School

I was able to secure GCSE's When at secondary school. Overall I got 8 GCSE's.

Maths - C

Physics - C

Chemistry - D

Biology - C

RE - B

English Lit - B

English Language - C

Hospitality & Catering (Double Award) - B C

French - E