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Work experience

May 2009Present


Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box hired me in May of 2009. I started out on the fryer position, making tacos, perparing food, and dropping all french fries, chicken, and certine side items in the fryer for a set time. After about 2 weeks they moved me up from the fryers to the front as a cashier, taking orders, and bagging orders that are ready. Soon enough they moved me up to the drive-thru position, taking orders from the headset, and bagging whatever food is ready, making drinks and working cash register. I really enjoy working there because they do offer medical, dental and vision benefits, plus they have already given me a .25 raise, BUT, I am looking for another job that can work around my schedule at jack in the box.

Apr 2008Apr 2009

Sandwich Artist To Shift Leader

Subway Sandwichs And Salads

Got hired in April of 2008 where i started out as a sandwich artist. In a week I was working the cash register and by the next week, I knew how to prep every vegetable served. After about a period of 2 months I asked the boss if she could teach me how to make bread. That was no easy task. Eventually I got it down and now was working at a managers level without the "Shift Leader" badge. Unfortunately, she decided to sell the store and gave me a .25 raise before she left. After everything she taught me, I was ready for the new boss. Once the new boss arrived ,who was also a girl. Was amazed at my work ethic and how I was capable of more things than other employees. She offered me the position as shift leader and I gladly took the responsibility. I worked there for a year, 6 months as shift leader at $8.25 hr. cleaning and maintaing ceilings, extensive customer service and cash register, training new employees, in charge of closing store, making sure EVERYTHING is organized, clean, and stocked, prepping more vegetables, dealing with angry customers. making cookies, purchasing food needed, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing and mopping floors daily. went through a family tragedy and had to quit the job.

Sep 2006Feb 2008

Admin.Assistant/Office Help

Advantage Bargains

This was my dads website busiess he started from home. At the time I was in a computer class and knew a  lot about creating websites, designing them, and editing them. I came up with the name for my dads business, the website came created already but I added a few graphics and took some things out. Once business started to pick up he had me ansering phone calls of 2 different lines, taking orders, packing and shipping packages. UPS pick-up's, mail run's and extensve customer service. I loved working for my dad he was a great boss and taught me a lot but he decided he did not want to work anymore and retired for the time being.

Jan 2005Aug 2006

Cashier/Food Prep

Baja Fresh Mexican Grille

This was my first job, i was desperate for a job at the time and anything sounded like fun. I walked in, filled out the application, they interviewed me, and hired me on the spot. I was 151/2 just legal to work so i could only work 5-10. I started out at 2-3 days a week getting paid 7.25 when all my friends who worked got 6.75. After learning this i loved the job and worked as hard as i could to keep it. eventually they had me working 5 days a week, not only working the cash register but the to-go orders, answering phone-calls, helping with food prep, serving food, dishwashing, cooking, stocking, and in charge of closing the store with a manager present. I learned A LOT of my multi-tasking skills from this job, my customer service skills, and my general knowledge about work. The restaurants reputation was very professional, not considered fast-food, CLEAN, and always fresh. My boss made sure who ever he trained that they would keep it that way. I left the job after almost 2 years because my dad was tired of picking me up at 1030 at night and he offered me the position as his secretary.


Oct 2007Dec 2007

Adult Education


Looking for a new skill in any new subject. Along the lines of my interests such as, an entry level position in construction or for the city. Working with Qualcomm stadium, or as an apprentice with a journeyman or trade. I have a great work-ethic, people-friendly, and am willing to learn, study, and succeed in ANY subject.


Jill Powers

First boss at Subway

Ron Stebben

close friends and neighbors, he is my church pastor also

Kim Barlow

Second boss at Subway


My main objective is to get a good reliable entry level job where I can succeed and use my capabilities to benefit myself and others.


Hello, my name is Matthew Gotschall but I prefer Matt. Some of my hobbies are skateboarding, weight-lifting, anything with friends, beach, theme-parks and water parks. I love to build and test new projects, construction,demolition, work on cars, help the community and working with kids.  I recently attended General Education Development to achieve my G.E.D and get out of high school early. I have been looking for an entry level position at a reliable workplace such as a warehouse or for the city ever since. I am very determined, wise, good common sense, great work ethic and am willing to learn and succeed in any department.

Currently working early morning shifts at Jack In The Box such as 6-2pm so i am looking for another job for a night shift, or whenever needed, jack in the box will help work around second job.


Administrative Assistance
answering phone calls, giving refunds, filing, stocking, organizing, shipping and recieving
Customer Service
dealing with angry customers, always smiling, making eye-contact, good attitude.
Cash Register
Extensive cash register experience, working for fast-food restaurants