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I have 18 years of web application development, team lead, development management and software architecture experience.

My skill set is primarily on the .Net platform, and the Microsoft server stack, with all recent projects run using agile. My main interest is web applications, API development and open source big data tools.  My focus is extending this experience and growing as an IT professional.

Work History

Aug 2011Present


My role is to oversee the technical direction of the business and I am involved with all aspects from infrastructure to systems design, software development, business continuity and disaster recovery. I represent the company with our telephony, internet, hardware and hosting providers. I have helped to formulate our IT risk framework, and broader IT strategy. I consult to our business intelligence and marketing teams, and write a lot of  prototype code. Over this time we have built a highly available e-commerce service, with redundancy throughout the infrastructure, and a culture of continuous delivery.

Aug 2007Aug 2011

Development Manager

I was hired to recruit new technical staff and develop the team, with a focus on improving the internal technical skills and standards. This process saw the company move from a team of two to a team of 8 skilled .Net developers, two QA's  and a designer.  I was instrumental in motivating for and implementing agile as our development methodology. I introduced formal unit testing and drove the adoption of AJAX technologies and JavaScript frameworks.  Along the way I have developed a good instinct for identifying talented developers and optimizing the software process.

May 2005Jul 2007

Team Lead

Jam Warehouse

I worked as a senior developer on a suite of retail applications for the Foschini Jewellery Group, and Team lead on a BPM application for Tesco UK.  I also consulted to a business project management project for Woolworths SA.

May 2004Dec 2004

Senior Developer

Kensington Mortgages, London UK

I was contracted as a senior developer to a team which  implemented a middleware API, and an underlying rules engine,  using SOAP web services, and .Net remoting . This API exposed the company's mortgage application process to an intranet and a public web site as well as to a network of mortgage agents.

Aug 2003Apr 2004

Senior Developer

Virgin Travelstore, London UK

I worked here on contract implementing the second version of the flight booking engine. This largely entailed the upgrade of the code base from COM+ and classic ASP, to .Net

During the course of the contract I also implemented a B2B flight booking facility used by travel agents to access a series of 'nett' fares accessible only to Virgin and enrolled clients.

Nov 2002Jul 2003


I joined SafariNow on  contract and worked on various integration's where we licensed the company technology to partners, including Portfolio Collection, GoToCyprus and others.

Sep 2001Oct 2002

Intermediate developer

Virgin Travelstore, London UK

I worked here for just over a year developing the first release of an online flight booking engine which integrated to the Galileo global distribution system

Mar 2000Aug 2001

Junior Developer

I joined the newly established startup as an ASP developer, and helped to build the first iteration of the e-commerce travel booking service

Sep 1999Feb 2000

Junior Developer

Silicon Overdrive

I was employed as an Access database developer and built desktop applications for a publishing company and a property management system for an estate agency.

Oct 1997Oct 1998

Candidate Attorney

De Abreu and Cohen

I completed a period of legal internship to qualify as a South African attorney


Jan 2006Dec 2010

M.Sc Computer Science

University of Cape Town

I received a computer science masters degree in 2010. when I submitted a thesis  on a proposal to extend the identity meta-system to incorporate geo-location data,  The degree was completed part-time.

Jan 1997Jul 1997

School for Legal Practice

Practical legal training course

I competed the prescribed six month course with modules in criminal law, civil court practice. I also passed the required board admission examinations and was admitted as an attorney in 2008

Jan 1991Dec 1995


University of Cape Town

I obtained a Bachelor of Laws with a focus on commercial legal topics, including revenue law, contract, insurance and intellectual property law.


Aug 2002Aug 2002

Certified Scrum Master


I completed a Scrum training course and passed the required examination  for scrum certification


Software Architecture

I have been responsible for the SafariNow architecture for a number of years. I have been instrumental in keeping the team current with the technology curve, migrating our code-base to the ASP.NET MVC stack, ORM choice and migration. I have also driven the adoption of  NoSQL and open source components, as well as client side technologies like jQuery, responsive design techniques and libraries.

Software development

I have extensive experience on a  number of successful projects and have a good knowledge of ASP.NET (web forms and MVC, Web API, WCF, SignalR etc.)  I am proficient in .Net  API development and integration work, as well as Windows forms / services. I have worked with most aspects of  SQL Server since version 6.5. I  understand the web stack from server to browser. I have lead, managed and consulted to development teams and think I understand the dynamics of the process well.

Agile software methodologies

I am a qualified Scrum master. I have read extensively on the subject, and have 4 yours experience in overseeing and working within  agile teams using both Scrum and Kanban.

Infrastructure design

With our IT team I have helped to design, plan and roll out office networks, production environments, and private cloud using VMWare. I believe that these efforts have resulted in a secure, highly-available environment with very good redundancy and robust disaster recovery.

NoSQL tools

I recently prototyped MongoDB integration into our production environment as a caching technology  We have since rolled this out more extensively.  I am knowledgeable about Mongo configuration and optimization. I have contributed to an open-source project which leverages Mongo as an ASP.NET session state provider.

Business Analysis

I have served as an agile product owner for our software development teams for several years. I can clearly elucidate business requirements with adequate technical detail.

Business Intelligence 

I am very interested in data mining and the relevant tools. I have been closely involved in the implementation of various solutions including SQL Server reporting services, QlikView, and Power BI


I have designed and implemented a custom eCRM solution,  as well as integration to, and customization of eCRM platforms like SilverPop and MailChimp as well as MTA services (Mandrill / Mimecast)

Search engine optimisation

SafariNow has  dominated the South African search travel accommodation market through SEO techniques like link building, content generation and good information architecture. I have been involved with these efforts for many years, and use many tools extensively (Google Analytics, Google / Bing Webmaster Tools, SEOClarity, MajesticSEO etc.)


 I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, surfing and running. I also like keeping hands on with technology and try to keep informed on new tech and trends. I participate actively on a number of technology Q and A sites, and have contributed to open source projects. I like to travel especially around Asia and the Indian Ocean.