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I am a web developer, 26 years old and I live in Milan, Italy. 

My love for web developing arose when I learned HTML and CSS creating my own little web pages.From there I began studying web app development with Ruby and PHP, of which I have a good knowledge.

I especially like working with Ruby on rails and Symfony, but I have always been attractive by innovation technology and I like finding new ways to solve issues in real life.

I have two years work experience both in team and directly with customers.

I love traveling, in the last period I have been in several places around Europe, such as Netherlands,Spain,Serbia and Portugal, where I took part Web Summit in 2016.

Work History


Front-end and Back-end Developer

Humanitas Clinical Institute

Front-end e Back-end development on Symfony CMS for the following web sites:

Main features:

API development to reserve medical examination directly from web sites and to handle CV data of medical staff, especially publishing and updating contents on web sites.

Planning and develop dynamic front end elements manageable from CMS

(dynamic header,footer, sidebars,off-canvas menu, internal sections ).

Implementation dynamic GUI from static HTML developed by third party.

Messenger Bot developed in Python and YAML with to reserve medical examination.

Developing international content system for

Creation of php scripts for managing DB backups.


Web Developer in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS , PHP

insurance-arena srl

Developing new features, such as user ratings system and instant messaging system, for a insurance mediation platform.

Bug resolving and TDD testing development.


Web Developer in Symfony, Ruby on Rails and Sinatra


Creation of service oriented ERP.


In compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, I hereby authorize you to use and process my personal details contained in this document.