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Mattia Marani

Curriculum Vitae     

Work History

Sep 2015Present

Worker in grape's field

I work as  a worker in a grape field for a wine factory

Sep 2014Apr 2015

Private music teacher

I worked as a drum teacher, giving lessons to begginner students.



High School Diploma

Liceo Scientifico Niccolò Copernico

The type of school that release my diploma is a Liceo, this is the highest education level in the italian school system.

My eductional path lasts five years and it has given me a very versatile and wide knowledge, covering very different fields. It includes scientific subjects such chemestry, biology, mathematics, phisycs, astronomy and IT, as well as many humanistic disciplines: literature, history, philosophy and english literature.  I frequented the 4th grade of my high school abroad, in holland, experiences which teached me how to socialize, to adapt and to be flexible in an unusual environment.


Organization and managment

I learned to organize little events and manage them with a group of people who share a common goal, during my experiences with music and group's projects. Play with bands in public locals and also organize music events teached me how to work in team and showed me how, in a group that works together, the little but exact task of everyone makes the difference for a great result.


One of my best skills is to comunicate with different people and adapt to a new and unkown environment, thanks to my experience abroad as an exchange student, when I was 17 years old, I learned about this.

I am flexible in a new context and ready to change to learn the best way to manage an hard situation.

Computer skills

I have good skills in most operative computer system as WindowsMicrosoft and Machintosh, and I can use music production software as Ableton, Logic and FL Studio.

I know how to use online tools for comunication, divulgation of information and data sharing. I know every basic function of a computer.

English language

I improved a lot my english skills, thanks to my passion for traveling, during my numerous experiences abroad, and my school year in Holland as an exchange student in a host family. This passion let me constantly improve my english skills, teach me how to adapt succefully in a new environment and get in touch with new people.


My passion for music brought me to play with bands on live shows in public locals and festival, and also to be an assistence for other bands to help the technical section , and taking care about the audio gear. I'v been also a drum teacher thanks to my passion for music during the high school.

Personal experiences

-I have lived one year abroad when I was 17, in holland, as an exchange student, in a dutch host family. I used to go in a dutch school and relate myself everyday with a family, new friends and a new system. It was a new challange everyday.

-I've always been passionate of cooking too, so I've always practiced it on my own in my house, I'd really like to have some work experiences with it too. 

Text section

I authorize for the threatment of my personal dates present in my curriculum vitae.