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Over 10 years writing and editing experience, including customer service, corporate and marketing arenas. Professional, reliable and personable. Strong focus on effective conversational content and strategically focused communications that are well grounded in business context. Specialties include copywriting, editing and restructuring, online content, social media blogging/micro-blogging, marketing copy, corporate responsibility assignments and customer service communications. Innovation, artwork, illustration and design.

I founded Socially-M in 2013 and have since left behind a corporate career of over 15 years, encompassing customer service, marketing, corporate communications, digital services and social media. I am also a writer and content creator with experience writing for traditional print, community journalism, digital content and social media for FTSE 100 companies. I founded Socially-M in an effort to break away from the traditional marketing approach to new media, which was all about selling and instead chose to focus on the organic community building potential of social media and it's content marketing opportunities. It's founded on the principles of free tools, collaboration and completely organic growth and has a reputation for being digital, creative and social, which lies at the heart of my personal media philosophy.

Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Social Media Consultant

Playboy Club London

In June 2014 the Playboy Club London brought me on board to help improve their social media and website offering. Initially pitched as a 3 month trial to see if my work could add value to their current customer experience and prospects. Ongoing.

Feb 2014Present

Social Media Consultant

Expedition Dare 2 Express

The expedition brought me on board to build a social media strategy to match their efforts. One Man. One Goal - 1200km - 30days - Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. Follow John Dennis as he prepares for the biggest challenge of a lifetime. When you are in the dark moments of depression, expressing yourself is singularly the hardest thing to do. That's where dare2express was born from, the mission is to challenge those thoughts, make a point that it is okay to talk about these mental health issues and use the expedition to get this point across.

Oct 2013Present

Founder & Consultant


We work with businesses, organisations, brands, bands and individuals on new media strategies and digital social frameworks to build bridges between companies, customers, employees, and audiences by creating personalised journeys and experiences that inspire and connect people, nurture communities and foster profitable personal and professional relationships to sustain and grow business and personal aspirations. What makes Socially-M different from other media agencies is our unique approach to value, creativity and personality. We feel that these are the basis of all social media, digital or otherwise. There's a tendency to assume that social media means Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. We' re telling you that it doesn't. Those three examples are simply platforms upon which to build social conversation. They are the environment in which you become social, just like a bar, restaurant or anywhere else you'd feel comfortable striking up a conversation. The principles of digital media are no different to everyday conversation, you just need to learn how to translate what you' re saying into a language that a digital audience can appreciate. Which is where we come in.

Sep 2010Present

Social Media Consultant

The Daily Basingstoke

I created The Daily Basingstoke in 2010, as a writing project to help me develop my own conversational style and explore my love/hate relationship with Basingstoke. Fed up of Social Media Marketers telling me that Facebook and Twitter were sales channels, when I firmly believed they were community building tools, I decided to write with a community in mind and with no product to sell. The results speak for themselves.

May 2012Oct 2013

Digital Business Development Manager

SSE plc

Responsible for bill design and customer communications design for the business. Focusing on compliance with new regulation and licence conditions as a result of OFGEM's Retail Market Review. Keeping the principles of simpler, clearer and fairer for all customers at the heart of all design decisions and rebuilding our trust agenda with the public. Also responsible for maintaining those same design principles in all communication and presentation output for the project group for dissemination to internal and external stakeholders.

Dec 2011May 2012

Digital Communications Manager


Responsible for the management of both internal and external communications for the eServices group; including group reputation, new media, alerts and faults processes and efficiency and engagement reporting.

Sep 2009Dec 2011

Social Media Manager


Copywriting material for the web and our published social media policy and strategy. Responsible for content for publishing through Twitter, our Facebook help centre, our own internal branded websites and stand-alone blogs like the Atlantic Forum. Wrote our internal social media policy and guidelines for staff forums. Also responsible for managing corporate identity, marketing material, customer service channels and driving forward strategy in these areas.

Jan 2008Sep 2009

Website Editor


Working on the branded websites re-write, completely replacing copy with more conversational and customer centric tone of voice. Responsible mainly for customer service content, but also corporate and marketing related content, online forms and some functionality.

Jun 1998Jan 2008

Customer Liaison Manager


Responsible for all aspects of written communication across the company, automated letters, bespoke communications etc. Involved in writing our customer charter, responses to regulatory issues and customer queries. Replied to consultations from Gas Consumers' Council, the Office of Gas & Electricity Markets, Consumer Focus etc. Wrote copy for Chief Executive's office and Director level correspondence. Involved in producing CEAR act compliance guidelines and published policy, employee rules, letter writing standards, mediation guidelines etc. Managed the day-to-day running of our customer relations team, responsible for quality of replies, improvement of internal and external communications. Founding member of‘ Professionals Club' internal group identified for excellence in written and verbal communications within the SSE group. Produced artwork and copy for SSE's first ever complaints reduction and staff awareness/coaching program.


Copy Writing
Customer Service
Customer Experience Analysis
Social Media
Creative Direction


Adrian Bryant - Service Improvement Manager at University College London

I enjoyed working with Matt and recommend his advice for building social communities and the importance of not being seduced by numbers alone.

Gillian Morris - Entrepreneurship Trainer at Henley Business School

Matt provides a fascinating Insight into how to make social media work for your brand. Thank you.

David Gregory - Customer Evidence Manager at Microsoft

Refreshing to hear from someone real who doesn't fake the tough stuff or the numbers. Matt has a real story and a real talent and he's earned his stripes. So, I was impressed and I watch and listen to his channels. I recommend him because he is honest, thoughtful, cares about his clients and I can relate to him.

Alan Donegan - Founder at Pop-Up Business School

Matt supported us on the Pop-Up Business School in Birmingham inspiring new entrepreneurs to set up businesses and make money online. His knowledge of Facebook and online marketing is fantastic and so valuable to the new start-ups and existing businesses we work with. I could not recommend Matt highly enough.

Matt Kopka - Web Analytics Lead at Guardian News & Media

Matt played a huge part in defining SSE's stance and understanding of Social Media and was able to pass on a lot of this knowledge to those around him. I would constantly use Matt as a soundboard as he's one of those people whose able to put aside his bias personal opinion and puts the customer at the heart of his decisions. I look forward to working with Matt again in the future.


Art, Design & Media

Basingstoke College of Technology

Fashion, Illustration & Photography

Basingstoke College of Technology

Community Journalism

University of Cardiff

Web & Digital Sciences

University of Southampton


Lean Six Sigma Project Management


Comprehensive Creative Writing

The Writer's Bureau