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Who am I?

App Developer, Web Designer, SysAdmin, & Coder

Driven coder, designer, and consultant with excellent problem solving skills. Fast learner, adept with a range of technologies, and eager to continue expanding knowledge and capabilities. Mature, personable and competent. Focused on self improvement and the development of new skills.

My Skills

Android Development

This is my current focus. I've created a few apps, including a Pokedex, an app for TTC predictions and vehicle visualization, a SSH/SFTP server using Apache SSH from the Mina Project, and a logarithmic style calendar.


Largely self-taught, I used online resources to expand my knowledge of this useful language.  Some uses I've found for Python so far are translating .csv files to SQLite databases, creating bots, web applications, and automatically retrieving and updating remote log files.


I started with Java in highschool, expanded my skills at university, and I am still learning more and more.  Currently, I'm using java primarily for Android development.

Version Control (git)

I generally use git for my version control, but I have also used SVN in the past.  Currently I'm hosting my code on bitbucket and github. 

Game Development

I've worked on a few games, including scripting for mods for games such as DayZ and Kerbal Space Program.  I'm currently working on a 2D game in Unity2D.  I've also worked with UDK and Cryengine.

Web Design & Development

HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL, Adobe Creative Suite as well as other languages such as ruby on rails and python


Mostly used for game programming in Unity, I've also used C# for development in Visual Studio.


I host my code on:

  • Bitbucket (private, available upon request)
  • GitHub (public, find it  here and here)

TTC Lines:  a simple TTC app for retreiving predictions for bus and streetcar stops using RESTful APIs

Dexterous: an Android Pokedex and player tools app that uses SQLite and RESTful APIs

Standroid: an integrated solution for work fitness: standing, walking, and breaks.  Paired with a Chrome extension

PuSSHd: a simple app that implements Apache SSHD from the Mina project - SSH/SFTP

Work experience

App Developer


Worked on a variety of apps to become more familiar with Android development and improve my java skills.  Using a variety of technologies, such as RESTful APIs, SQL and SQLite databases, and JSON to create apps for personal projects, free releases, and competitions.

Developer, Marketing & Founder

mmmyum web

Web development by mmmyum (myself), offering special services for websites for artists (start to finish solution - from taking photos of artworks to finished web presence for clients). Founder, and primary developer. Using photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and javascript I build a plan for the client's website from start to finish, including preliminary content and photo work, coding and design, domain configuration and deployment on my webserver.

Private Tutor in GIS and computer systems

Private Tutoring
Sep 2008Sep 2012
Provided private tutoring services for a number of McGill university students in GIS programs such as ArcMap and MapInfo, among others, to support students in their completion of the GIS program. Also provided tutoring in other computer programs, as well as troubleshooting computer problems.

Stage Manager

North by Northeast Conferences, Inc.
May 2012Jun 2012
Responsible for equipment, stage set up, and coordination of entertainment. Ensured coordination between entertainers and house technicians, success of colleague's positions and the event, and a positive customer experience,

Graphic Design - Promotional materials

Sep 2010Feb 2011
Designed promotional materials for student groups and Montreal nightclub events, including handbills, posters, and online materials.


Online courses

Code Academy and others

I'm constantly pursuing knowledge and expanding on my skills, and some online resources have been invaluable in this pursuit.  Code Academy and the Khan Academy both have helped me to develop my capabilities, and contributed dramatically to my knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java -- as well as my overall understanding of computer science and maths.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

McGill University

Education has provided both a theoretical educational experience, as well as practical exposure to the field. This is where I first discovered my love for programming and problem solving, and where I wrote my first computer programs and mobile apps.  However, my majors and minors provided a different set of skills I still find relevant today, especially when it comes to data analysis.  Through classes such as Socioeconomic Applications of GIS, Raster GIS, and Principle of Remote Sensing (among others),  I have gained hands on experience with ESRI ArcMap software suite, ENVI software suite, and other important tools.

Secondary School Honors Graduation Diploma, Ontario Scholar

Riverdale Collegiate Institute

Other Skills:

SQL, Visual Studio, Scripting, JavaScript, HTML 5, Web Design, Web Development, iOS development, PHP, System Administration, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Team Leadership, Microsoft Office, GIS analysis, ArcGIS Server, ArcMap, GIS applications, ArcGIS, Augmented Reality, MapInfo, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Planning, C++, Trend Analysis, Data Visualization, Big Data, Organizational Effectiveness, Soldering, Customer Support, Customer Service, Troubleshooting, Computer Repair, Computer Hardware, Sound Design, Ableton Live, Music Production, Network Security, Network Architecture, Network Infrastructure, VMWare