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Engineer degree in Computing (final year)

Université de Technologie de Compiègne

A flexible choice of courses allowed me to explore new topics, mainly about industrial computing and transversal activities

> technical courses: Petri nets, Artificial Intelligence, Data warehouses & BI, Distributed Systems...  > Interculturality lectures >  Human Resources management courses

+ Spring 2010:  Exchange semester at UTSEUS / Shanghai University (Shanghai, PR China)+ Spring 2011 : accepted in the Management of Innovative Projects minor

+ Fall 2011 : registered to a second International Business Relations minor

+ Involved in 2 student organizations : COMUTEC and GENEPI


BSc in Computing in Information Technology

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

I wanted to experience a different approach to teaching, more focused on technologies and practical experience

> based on trial-and-error  > network management (Cisco hardware)   > introduction to Data Mining and 3D modeling (3DSMax)


DUT (two-year degree) in Computing

IUT2 Université Pierre Mendès France

The strong emphasis put on algorithms and data modeling allowed me to start over on much stronger bases

> algorithms and data structures, data modeling (UML), programming...  >  Economics, accounting, law, project management...

Work experience

Feb 2012Jul 2012

IT Consultant

Ernst&Young Advisory

Current internship at E&Y, from Feb 6th to July 20th 2012.

Aug 2010Feb 2011

Web Quality Assurance Intern

BysoftChina (software engineering company)

Worked in a very central position at the interface between project managers, team leaders and developers (60+ people).

In addition to insuring developers' work complied with specifications, I was also involved in technical processes redefinition (SVN...)

> involved in technical specifications and test plans writing> code review of each commit  > troubleshooting of client issues

Oct 2009Feb 2010

Assistant to the Director of Studies

CDAF Formation (purchasing school)

Involved in the day-to-day life of the school (8 locations in France, 200+ students, 10+ concurrent sessions).

By prioritizing and keeping track of all incoming requests, I helped improving reactivity and thus the customer satisfaction

> organized juries  > handled requests from lecturers and students  > supervised changes to the planning

Nov 2008May 2009

PHP/AJAX analyst-developer

ITycom (software engineering company)

Created modules for a competencies assessment application used by several pharmaceutical companies.

With a coding team spread all over Europe, I experienced new communication patterns through this project

> designed a solution based on functional requirements  > voluntarily produced documentation  > emphasis put on usability 

Apr 2008Jun 2008

Java/JSP analyst-developer

University of Teesside (university)

Created customized widgets for Blackboard (Virtual Learning Environment), used by 25,000+ students.

Even without any previous experience of JSP or Blackboard, I became operational in a week

> complete project management (from needs evaluation to deployment)  > knowledge transfer (wrote 100+ pages of tutorials) 

Sep 2007Apr 2008

Assistant to the system administrator

IUT2 Languages center (university)

Involved in daily operation and troubleshooting of the 4 languages labs (50+ computers)

I was very efficient at troubleshooting, thanks to the personal experience I built up over the years by helping family & friends

> assisted academic users  > prepared a more user-friendly system image and deployed it  > preventive maintenance

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Support Staff

Camp Half Moon (summer camp)

I worked in multicultural teams, dedicated to keeping the camp safe and enjoyable for the kids: general and preventive maintenance, improvement works, cars servicing...



Sep 2010Present

Zend Certified Engineer - PHP 5

Feb 2011Present

Oracle Certified Professional - MySQL 5.0 Developer

Jul 2011Aug 2013


Oct 2009Nov 2011





GENEPI (nonprofit org. arranging activities in jail), France

Mar. 2011 – June 2011

Tutored a group of inmates in English


Feb. 2011 - current

IBG Workcamp, Hassmersheim, Germany

Aug. 2011 (3 weeks)


As a kid, my spare time activities involved DIY and taking apart old appliances to understand how they work. When I got my first computer in 1999, I simply kept the same state of mind... and that's how I began programming!

At the university, I decided to consolidate my personal knowledge by taking computing classes, while also getting involved in professional activities. Since 2007, I took the opportunity to develop my English communication skills, and broaden my horizon, by spending 18+ months in different English speaking countries. The next step in my international progression was China, where I spent close to a year between 2010 and 2011.

I'm now headed back to France to finish my studies... but already looking forward to my next experience abroad!


I am very curious, and always eager to learn more!

I do a daily technology watch, to discover and evaluate open source solutions for future use, and keep up with new trends. My main areas of interest at the moment are:

Cloud computing   > Replication > High Availability  > VoIP...

Authentication & security   > Single Sign-On  > One Time Password...

Business processes   >Workflows  > Flowcharts > Barcodes...


I’m a Computer Engineering Student ; graduation expected in September 2012

What's next ?

  • Autumn semester at Université de Technologie de Compiègne - ends January 19th, 2012(courses on innovation, marketing and project management)
  • Final internship from February 6th to July 20th, 2012 at Ernst&Young Advisory in Paris, France
  • Available for a full time position starting from September 10th, 2012


I enjoy discussing ideas with other people, and producing written documents in both French and English

> French: native speaker

> English: fluent (TOEIC Score 985/990 in oct. 09 ; TOEFL Score 111/120 in jun. 11 ; I also spent 18+ months in different English speaking countries)

> German: elementary (European Level A1 ; I spent 2 months in Germany during summer 2011)

> Chinese: beginner (intensive Mandarin courses at Shanghai Uni. ; I spent a total of 11 months in China)

Spanish: beginner

Computing Skills

Computing is my passion. I do a daily technology watch, and I'm always looking forward to discovering new technologies.

- Programming languages (PHP 5 OO, Javascript / AJAX, Java), HTML, CSS, Web Services, LaTeX ... >> PHP 5 Zend Certified Engineer

- Databases >> MySQL 5.0 Developer Oracle Certified Professional

- System and network administration

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