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Highly qualified teacher with over 18 years of online, blended learning and flipped classroom design, development and management experience.  Expert in assimilating traditional education with new technologies and 21st century pedagogy.  Looking to continue making a significant contribution within instructional design and development of blended, flipped, project-based learning and online educational models.

Value to Your Team

I am a well rounded experienced educator, presenter and consultant with expertise in Classroom Instruction, Professional Training and Education Technology.  I am an innovative, versatile, and solutions driven professional with outstanding strategic planning, team building and communications skills.  Background encompasses multicultural education, training and leadership.  I have sharp presentation and negotiation expertise, extensive travel experience (particularly in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa) and I am well versed in world cultures and customs


PhD Student

Walden University

Education & Leadership: Learning, Instruction and Innovation

Google Certified Teacher

Primary School

Primary Education was partly spent in Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia,  Morocco and Spain

Work experience


Professional Learning Consultant

CBD Consulting

At CBD Consulting, I design district-wide instructional technology teacher professional development and travel to schools throughout the state of MI to conduct seminars, individual and group coaching sessions, as well as designing learning experiences using emerging pedagogies like Flipped Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and PBL.


2 years - LATTICE Session Director

Michigan State University

LATTICE is an international professional development organization linking educators from all over the world.  As session director, I coordinated the implementation of quality professional development events and global education conversations.


BER Instructor

Bureau of Education and Research

Bureau of Education & Research (BER) is the leading provider of staff development and training resources for educators in North America.  I work as a Flipped Classroom Strategies Instructor.  All BER instructors must write a book on the topic they present which is then used by participants during the BER seminars


Instructional Designer

New World Flood

Developed innovative curriculum and lesson designs to facilitate 21st century learning models in schools in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa


Founder and Project Manager

Interface Global Alliance

Interface Global Alliance is a 501(c)3 non profit organization committed to improve social quality of life in international societies from with, through education, training and motivation.  Its purpose is to help communities, identify their needs and facilitate business and academic resources to meet those needs. 

17 years - Social Science and World Languages Teacher

Grand Ledge Public Schools

Social Science and Spanish Teacher at Grand Ledge High School and teach Global Studies, World History, Civics,  Government, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Class Mentor, Tutor, Latino and Japanese Anime Club Sponsor and Artistic Director and Choreographer of Arabic Dance Team 

3 years - Blackboard LMS Presenter and Instructor

Gratiot-Isabella/RESA and Ingham ISD

2 years - Project Developer, Project Manager and Liaison

Michigan State University/National University of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa

20 years - Educational Tour Organizer and Leader

EF Education Tours

Educational Tour Organizer and Leader to cultural locations in Spain, Morocco, Germany, Italy, England, Canada, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan, Mexico and several States in the United States

6 years - Real Estate Agent

Century 21 Shellhorn

5 years - Technology Chair

Grand Ledge HS North Central Accreditation Commission

Technology Chairperson for the  North Central Accreditation Commission in Accreditation and School Improvement in charge of technology team to bring the school technology up to NCA standards.

Experiential Educator