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Work History

Spark Digital


​ Senior QA Automation Engineer

QA Automation. Rest Services and UI Functional Testing. Jira. Scrum.
Nightwatch.js - Node.js. Bitbucket. TestRails.

QA Automation Engineer


QA Automation Engineer

Functional and Performance Automation. Gatling for Performance Test
Automation. Automation of Silverlight web-apps with C# and Telerik
Testing Framework. Training about topics related to Quality Assurance
and Quality Control oriented to Automation Testing. Develop and
Training of Automation Framework for functional testing developed in
C# language. This framework includes 3 modules approaches to test Web
Services, User Interface and mobile apps on real devices. Technologies
that compose framework: RestSharp, Selenium Web-Driver,
SpecFlow(BDD), FluentAssertions, Coypu. Configuration of TeamCity to
execute SpecFlow project.

Feb 2015FEBRUARY 2017

QC Technician

Quality Control. Automatización de pruebas Frontend y Backend.  Pruebas de Servicios Rest, utilizando httpcliente, java, testng. Pruebas de Front, utilizando selenium webdriver, java, testng. Ejecuciones programadas con Jenkins.

SAM Sistemas

Noviembre 2013Febrero 2015

Software Tester

Automatización de Pruebas funcionales con Herramienta SilkTest. Configuración y Ejecución de pruebas de Performance con SilkPerformer. 

Testing Automatizado de Servicios. Confección de Informes Ejecutivos


Octubre 2012Noviembre 2013


Testing de Aplicaciones Web & Mobile. Automatización de pruebas funcionales utilizando Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver & Java. Creación de TestCases, Historias de Usuarios y Criterios de Aceptación. Scrum, SQL.


UTN Argentina

1998 - 2000 / 20112012

System Engineering

Instituto Superior de Ciencias Comerciales


Senior Technician inMarketing

Technical School, Dr. Avellaneda


Programming Technician​


QA - QC Automation Engineer.

Professional trained in the process of Quality Control, using automation technologies.