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Computer Editing
I'm fabulous at editing videos, downloading software, removing software, updates, and fixing common problems.
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My interests include watching Youtube, Movies, and popular TV shows. My favorites from youtube include JennaMarbles, TobyGames, PewDiePie, Seananners, Smosh, BrockBaker, and CinnamonToastKen. I am a huge movie fanatic and critic. Some more interests of mine include sleeping, laughing, and working. I enjoy working at my jobs because the people I have around me make me want to continue doing a good job.


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College of Southern Nevada High School West Charleston

I've attended CSN for the past 2 years, and it was the greatest choice I have made in Nevada. It's one of the only schools in this state where kids care about their education and so do the teachers. I have learned so much in the Psychology field and hope that I get to move on quickly to become a Physician's Assistant.

Work experience

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As a host, I ensure that people are happy and satisfied with the table I sit them at and my performance. I tell everyone hello and goodbye every time someone walks through the door. I also deal with take out orders, which allows me to get food from the kitchen and make sure that the food was cooked properly and efficiently, and it let's me get anything that the customer needs. If a server or manager is too busy, I will check up on tables to see if everything is going well, refill their waters, bring them their food, take their orders, ect.

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