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Focused on growth and what it takes for a company to find the right traction channels after product / market fit. Main achievement so far was working at AfterShip and helped them structure their onboarding process, reduce churn rate, while helping them being the leader of the post-purchase experience for eCommerce companies. Available starting Nov 6th.

Work experience

May 2017present

Marketing Manager


Clean-tech IoT startup, En-trak is an energy management system to help reduce energy  consumption

First hire in Marketing for the startup, in charge of structuring the marketing department, generating new leads via SEM and Inbound marketing.

  • defined customer personas
  • doubled traffic on the website within two months
  • implemented inbound marketing strategy from content creation to distribution flow

Most used tools: GA, MailChimp, AdWords, Hemingway app

Jan 2016May 2017

Growth Marketing 


Helping eCommerce owners and marketplaces track their shipments with 400+ couriers

Led the Marketing team during a year and a half, focusing on reducing the churn rate with better onboarding process, optimising the app ranking on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento app stores, and nurturing customer success. Supported the launch of brand new product, Returns Center.

  • ranked AfterShip in top 10 most popular apps on Shopify app store, source of 60% of business users
  • implemented a whole new transactional email journey for new business users
  • wrote customer stories with Wish, Tictail and other startups

Most used tools: Mixpanel, Google spreadsheet, Jira (to coordinate with developers)

Jun 2015Dec 2015



Wanted Jigbell to help people plan their travels the easy way. I teamed up with a dev and we started to work on a MVP. We got a beta iOS app to help users split their travel days in three : morning / afternoon / evening. 

We applied for a couple of accelerators but no success. The problem we tried to solve was not painful enough, but rather a lifestyle issue.

In addition to this, I launched the beta of, a tool to help you check whether you need a visa depending on your nationality, destination and purpose of your travel. I wanted this to automate as well in the future visa booking for travelers.

This was like engineer as marketing tool to drive traffic back to Jigbell. I killed it soon after I stopped working on my app full time. 

Sep 2014Jun 2015



We started SocialMostly from scratch with my ex-partner as a side project. We were working with three clients, FifthWisdom, Marco Polo Seafood and Vivid Living.  

The work consisted in growing the social media pages of these companies. I was more on the content side, my partner taking care of Facebook ads.

Jan 2013May 2015

Business Development Manager

Lampe Berger Paris

Found this job out of nowhere when I landed in Hong Kong. I wanted to change from purchasing and excel, into something more sales and marketing oriented.

I helped the brand to open 3 point-of-sales in the crazy retail industry of Hong Kong, working with the distributor.

Jun 2009Dec 2011

Purchasing Controller

Valeo (France & China)

Controlling, reporting, Purchasing Negotiations

I chose Valeo for three reasons.

I wanted to work in purchasing in a strong company so I could learn a lot, in a tough industry (automobile) and within a big structure with offices everywhere. 

I did a one-year gap at the branch headquarters in the suburbs of Paris, consolidating data from 18 production sites worldwide, organizing weekly phone calls to share the results and make sure targets were respected. 

I moved then to a production site in the center of China. There, I worked within the purchasing department to develop best practices and analyse on-site results to share with the headquarters as well as suppliers audit and participated to rounds of negotiation. 

Having the two perspectives helped me a lot in terms of communicational skills.

Jun 2008Sep 2008

Door-to-door Salesman

The Southwestern Company

First sales internship, and one of the hardest. Barely covered my expenses, as I struggled hard to make sales. Changed me from being a real introvert into someone able to knock on doors of strangers and pitch them $500 educational books. 

Learn a lot about the law of average. The more you knock, the more rejection you get, yet the more chances you have to make the sale that will make your day.

Spent one week training at the HQ to learn our sales pitch then moved to Oregon and sold books from Monday 7am until Saturday 10pm.


Sep 2007Jun 2011

MSc in Management

Kedge Business School (formerly Bordeaux Management School)

+ Exchange program in Aalborg University (Denmark) in 2012