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I've been living in Hong Kong for 5 years now. I'm currently working at AfterShip, as Marketing team lead, and I'm passionate about traction and marketing as Seth Godin defines it. "Marketing then is about trust, it's about awareness, and it's about the fact that attention is worth way more than it used to be."

I'm interested in new technologies, I worked in China, in the USA, I studied in Denmark, and I'm French. Speak and write English fluently, have a work visa in Hong Kong.


You'll find below my Work History. It's a recap' of my experiences, and three bullet points of what I did, am doing and what caught my attention during the experience per se

Thanks for reading this. I value your attention.

Work experience

Jun 2015Present


JIGBELL (Hong Kong)

Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Strategy, Growth Hacking

I want Jigbell to predict what travelers will want to do depending on the context of their trip.
Whether it's a business trip, or a solo journey for 6 months around the world, or a honeymoon, your travel will be different. Jigbell aims at being a tech' travel guide that will adapt to your expectations and will help you do more within a couple of taps (booking, planning, sharing)

In addition to Jigbell, I launched the beta of, a tool to help you check whether you need a visa depending on your nationality, destination and purpose of your travel. I want this to automate as well in the future visa booking for travelers. This is how I consider marketing today. Bring value upfront to users.

Jigbell is still in the validation stage and I teamed up with a full-stack web developer to accelerate its development as a side-project.

  • It's hard to start a business when you're a non-technical founder
  • It takes time and patience to get where you want to be
  • Hustle has to be in your DNA
Sep 2015Present

Freelance Digital Marketing 


Digital Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, Web Development

I continued working with FifthWisdom as I believe in their mission: empower teachers with a new way to engage learners at all ages. 

FifthWisdom is on one hand creating digital games to teach kids the basics of computer science (loops, algorithm, etc.) and developing workshops with schools in Hong Kong to teach computer science to kids who usually don't have access to this knowledge. 

They teamed up with MakeWonder in the USA to promote the robot Dash and Dot in Hong Kong and they are the official partner of HourOfCode in China and Hong Kong.

I'm helping FifthWisdom revamp their existing website (on-going), grow their audience and connect with more parents and teachers in Hong Kong via social media and email newsletters.

  • Revamping their existing website on WordPress
  • Defining a new branding strategy for 2016
  • Helping them get new schools to partner with
May 2014Jun 2015



Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Strategy

We bootstrapped SocialMostly from scratch with my partner beside our regular jobs. We were taking care of three clients, FifthWisdom, Marco Polo Seafood and Vivid Living.

The work consisted in growing the social media pages of these companies. We got quickly +1,000 likes and decent exposure for the Marco Polo Seafood Facebook page. 

Things were tougher with the FifthWisdom page, as the client wants only organic likes. 

As for Vivid Living, we were assisting and teaching them what we consider good digital marketing.

  • It's hard to compete in an industry promoting the race to the bottom
  • Social Media marketing is undervalued in Hong Kong
  • Social Media marketing gets you nowhere if your product sucks
Jan 2013Jun 2015

Business Development Manager


Marketing, Business Development

I opened three shops - corners in Hong Kong at K11, Lok Fu Plaza and in Citistore.
My job consisted in ensuring our distributor here in Hong Kong would order more than the budgeted amount of products, and respect the brand image of Lampe Berger Paris.  

Maintained and grew social media channels with 0 budget in both English and Traditional Chinese (reached +20,000 Likes)

  • Realised how important it is to believe in the product or company you work for
  • Understood how crazy the real estate market is in Hong Kong
  • Choosing your boss is key if you want to progress and get better at what you do
Jun 2009Dec 2011

Purchasing Controller

VALEO (France & China)

Controlling, Reporting, Purchasing Negotiations

I chose Valeo for three reasons.

I was interested at that time to work in a purchasing department. Valeo was - and still is - one of the best companies to work at when it comes to purchasing.
Second is the automobile industry. Valeo is among the most innovative  automative supplier in the world, and purchasing in the automative industry (where margins are tight) is key.
Last but not least, I was directly working the Purchasing Director and I learned a lot a his side. 

I worked at the headquarters in Paris first, consolidating data from 18 production sites worldwide, organising weekly phone calls to share the results and make sure targets were respected. I moved then to a production site in the center of China, in Hubei province. There, I worked within the purchasing department to develop best practices and analyse on-site results to share with the headquarters. 

Having the two perspectives helped me a lot in terms of communication skills. 

  • Developed my analytical skills
  • Got my hands dirty cleaning SAP for the purchasing department, ref by ref.
  • Was in charge of a team of 8 buyers
Jun 2008Sep 2008

Door-to-door Salesman


Door-to-door Sales

The shortest, yet one of the most intense experience ever. Imagine yourself in a city you don't know trying to sell books door-to-door to strangers. That's what happened to me when I was living in the suburbs of Portland, OR. I sold books from Monday 8:00am until Saturday 9:00pm. And on Sunday we were training to get better at selling for the next week. It was a tough yet great experience to learn the basics of sales. I'd recommend this to anyone willing to succeed. 

  • Sold in total 200+ sets of books in 3 months
  • Went through two weeks with 0 sales before it started to take off
  • It's all about grit


Jan 2012Jun 2012

Exchange Program

Aalborg University (Denmark)

Focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Sep 2007Jun 2011

MSc in Management

Kedge Business School (formerly Bordeaux Management School)


Here is the list of people and companies I read a lot about to help me improve my work:

  • Claude Hopkins
  • David Ogilvy
  • Noah Kagan
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Seth Godin
  • Buffer
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Fred Wilson