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Presentation Samples

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University of Maine at Augusta (Sep 2008-Aug 2012)

Augusta, ME, United States       

BA Biology, Magna Cum Laude, 3.97 Science GPA


Professional, personal, and scholastic references are available upon request. Additionally, letters of support and tutoring reviews can be provided upon request. 

Volunteer Experience

Mission Trip to Cazale, Haiti (January 5, 2011-January 15, 2011)

As part of a service learning course, Perspectives in Global Health, I traveled to Cazale Haiti with the rest of "Team Haiti". Once in Haiti, the team volunteered at a rural health clinic and rescue center as an EMT. Both facilities focused on improving the lives of abandoned, malnourished children. Provided support to teachers at a local school by teaching basic math.

Maine General Medical Center Emergency Department Volunteer (Jan 2012-Present)

Aided in Patient stress-reduction in a hectic Emergency Department, providing calming conversation, warm blankets and beverages to patients and family members. Helped relay information between healthcare providers, stocked patient rooms with supplies.

UMA Annual Science Fair (January 2008-January 2012)

led the "Critter Quiz", a science game show for local children between four and 12 years old. Trained other science fair volunteers on methodology, attitude, and strategies.  Managed other science fair demonstration rooms. Attendance in 2012 was estimated to be over 150 children, increasing 10 fold from the 2007 fair.

Leadership Experience

Served as Student Ambassador for UMA (2010-2012)

Represented the student body at conferences, conducted campus tours, and coordinated recruiting events. Gave over 30 presentations to groups of prospective students touring the UMA Campus. The talks explained what is "truly important" as students grow closer to the college experience. I provided insight on ways to manage stress, set priorities, and focus energy to achieve goals. I was provided a half-tuition waiver for this service.

Led  Recruiting Efforts for UMA’s Office of Civic Engagement (Spring 2012)

Gave recruiting and motivational presentations to younger UMA students. . Worked to revitalize the You matter mentoring program, at a Local Boys and Girls club.  My efforts were successful, increasing student participation in the mentoring program from one student at the start of the semester to 17 students at the end of the semester. I was provided a half-tuition waiver for this service.

Civic Engagement Advocacy Presentations

Inspirational Student Recruiting Talks for the Office of Civic Engagement (January-May 2012)

 During the spring semester of 2012, I gave over 20 talks to classes of students at U.M.A. Explained the difference between service learning and community service. I would then transition to some of my experiences, and there profound effects on my life. The goal of these talks was to inspire students to pursue civic engagement opportunities and to be open to courses offering service learning.

Guest Lecturer in Class for Disadvantaged Students (February 2012)

Asked to be a guest lecturer in a class which is designed to help students facing severe hardships succeed in college. Some of these students are first generation college students, others struggle with learning disabilities. Everyone in this class has been identified as an at-risk-student. The talk, titled: Community Service, Service Learning, and Your Success in College, highlighted possible approaches to problem solving, introspection, and enhancing their experience in college.

University of Maine System: Board of Trustees Poster Presentation (Dec 2011)

 Biology Program Coordinator, Susan Baker and I spoke about our service trip to Haiti while providing additional insight on other service learning classes, experiences, and trips offered by the Biology Program. 

Relevant Work Experience

Tutoring Experience

University of Maine at Augusta: Learning Support Services (Sep 2011-Present) 

One-on-One Tutoring: Science Tutoring and Study Coaching for Disadvantaged Students 

I tutor, motivate, and guide students of science. I work to improve students' study skills, their understanding of fundamental science concepts, and there ability to handle stress. I aim to empower people to become the best students they can be. My goal is that at the end of a semester, each student I tutor will not NEED tutoring anymore because I have helped them understand their "student identity"--how they think, how they learn, and how they cope with stress most effectively. Everyone has the potential to be an excellent student, sometimes this excellence is hiding. I work to help students find their innate excellence.

Group Tutor Sessions(January 2012-May 2012)

Developed a highly successful group tutoring model. Tutor sessions involved the attendance of (5) students six hours a week. Strategies such as: increasing the energy level of the room, providing interesting clinical and practical application to concepts were key to the success of these sessions. Three-dimensional models, drawings, stories, and metaphors were frequently used. The creation of a tutor lab with "white board walls" allowed for ample space for concept mapping. At the end of the semester three of the (liberal studies) students decided to enroll in U.M.A.'s Biology Program, all wishing to pursue postgraduate degrees in healthcare related fields. All members of the study group earned averages above 85 in the course, showing strong upward trends in exam performance and overall confidence. 

Organizational Development and Clinical Work Experience

Camp Manitou

Oakland, ME

  • Office Manager (Jun 2010-Sep2011)
  • Office Administrator (Jun 2006-June 2010)

Initially served as one of five office secretaries. After being promoted to Office manager, developed and implemented many efficient office procedures, staffing requirements of the office were decreased.  I learned valuable communication, organization, and planning skills working for Camp Manitou. 

  • Emergency Medical Technician (June 2010-Sep 2010)

While working in the office, I worked 60-80 hours per week as an EMT. Due to the competitive nature of the sports camp, I gained valuable experience in many basic medical procedures: including splinting, wound care, vital-signs, oxygen therapy ect. Working under the Colby College Medical Director, and Maine Concussion Management Initiative Co-Founder, I was exposed to concussion diagnosis protocol. Working 120-140 hours per week at Camp allowed me to participate in extra-curricular activities during the school year, while maintaining financial stability summer taught me about discipline and the importance of sound charting.

MaineGeneral Medical Center

  • Unit Secretary: Facilitate communication between the diverse array of medical professionals involved in emergency medical and psychological treatment. In addition to this facilitation, I monitor the flow of treatment, transport, and transfer of our patients to ensure optimal patient-centered care is being delivered.
  • Patient-Family Advisory Council


long-term Goals: I believe becoming a physician will optimize my ability to have a widespread impact on the lives of others. Not only will I gain the ability to heal the physical body, but will be able to help coach individuals toward living healthier, more balanced lives. I ultimately hope a broad understanding of public health will prepare me to effectively evaluate and reform healthcare systems in my future.

Short-term Goals Before medical school, I hope to acquire a position which will allow me positively influence the lives of others. Although I have a particular interest in the medical field, I am open to opportunities that are education or policy related. Healing comes in many forms. A rigorous undergraduate BA in Biology degree has provided me with a solid understanding of the scientific method which in turn has helped me develop strong critical thinking skills. Additionally, my studies have helped me become an effective communicator and leader. I hope to put these skills to use in a public health related position.

Simply put: I enjoy solving problems. I enjoy the process of recognizing a problem, gathering people and materials together, and leading a charge towards making a change. I have a particular interest and ability to analyze complex situations, evaluate possible solutions, and make critical decisions under pressure. 

Honors and Awards

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (2010-2012)

One of six students at UMA honored for academic achievements and campus leadership

Rising Scholar Award  (Fall 2012)

Honored for continued academic excellence, civic engagement and Leadership  at UMA

John P. Fitch Scholarship (2010-2011)

Recognized for academic excellence in biological sciences

Civic Engagement Award (2008-2012) 

Recognized for continued participation in civic engagement at UMA

Presentation Highlights

Student Commencement Speaker(2012 Graduation)

My remarks proposed a highly successful, three-part problem solving approach, an approach I call “the three piece”. I provided personal examples of when I had successfully implemented this approach, showing how versatile and powerful the approach can be.  A video of this speech can be found at:

Panel Discussion: Annual Guidance Counselor Breakfast (January 2012)

Selected to speak about civic engagement and Service learning at a guidance counselor conference panel discussion. Forty Guidance counselors from 20 high schools in Maine attended this event. The panel wascomposed of three faculty members, two program coordinators and I. I provided a student’s perspective. My remarks focused on the service learning trip to Haiti in January 2011, explaining how the transformative experience led me to substantial spiritual growth. A slide show of my trip offered visual aid to my verbal remarks.