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 ▪ IT Strategy ▪ Programme Management ▪ Technology and Business Linkage Planning ▪ IT Skills Gap Analysis and Performance Optimization ▪ Enterprise Architecture ▪ Transition Management ▪ Project Feasibility and Business Case ▪ Vendor and Contract Negotiations ▪ Capital Planning and Investment Control ▪ Technology Architecture and Integration ▪ Business Due Diligence ▪


Information Security management
Application Management
IT infrastructure management with Strategic perspective
Designing and strategizing new initiatives
Deploying complex technology initiatives
Technology Management

Work experience

Mar 2014Present


Head-Information Services(Infrastructure)

Built the application management team for infrastructure for platform and DB management

Improved application performance by almost 70% by re-architecting the application infrastructure landscape

Implemented“ Customer First” mind set with stress on user experience

Managing 1/3rd of the total operational budget for the department

Managed a saving of US$ 0.25 million in the first year on connectivity

Jun 2010Feb 2014

Vice President - Systems & Technology

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

-Accountable for propagating collaboration and mobility practice within the organization

-Accountable for leading and implementing the Knowledge management initiative within the ideas company

oMaking a case for Collaboration & Knowledge Management

oIdentifying the technology and its integration into the current environment

oBuilding the platform and integrating it with current systems and portals

oPreparing the end user community to populate and use the system

-Accountable for leading and implementing business applications on the mobile platform

oWriting the strategy for mobility within the organization

oIdentifying the applications that impact the business the most

oAttainment of management approvals on the mobility project

oImplementing the various transactional and business apps

oMarketing the apps internally for optimal usage and benefits to the organization

-Part of the IT Management Team that coordinates with Global IT

-Part of the IT Management Team that evaluates Systems / Applications / Services

-Responsible for the external communication of IT for the organization

Mar 2009May 2010

Director – Technology, Services & Support


-Director – Technology, Services & Support: Heading the Consulting, Pre Sales & Project Implementation Department of Najia Abdul Latif Jameel Co. for Technology (NAJTech).

-Senior Consultant, Pre Sales – NEC Computers: Leading the advocacy and presales activities of NEC Computers’ technologies in Saudi Arabia.



-Accountable for Technology Evangelism for the various technologies that Najtech provides to its customers

-Accountable for leading and completing consulting projects with clients on Business Solutions like:

oComplete  IT Strategy with detailed roadmap for action items

oBusiness Solutions for business spread across the GCC which includes complete deployment cycle and measurement of technology value add

oTele-working Strategies for various Businesses and running Proof of Concepts

oField Staff efficiency enhancement Projects

oApplication Centralization Strategies from Business and IT Infrastructure perspective

-Heading the R & D of new technologies to ascertain its usability in the business environment

-Part of the Management Team that evaluates Systems / Applications / Services that can be offered to customers

-Responsible to develop new Services and Support offerings for Najtech Customers

-Responsible for Customer Satisfaction for all Services delivered by Najtech.

-Part of the Management Team that negotiates with Principles on the Systems / Applications / Services that NAJTech will serve to its customers

-Responsible for various Project Teams that will deliver value added Projects to customers on time and in cost.

May 2008Feb 2009

- Senior Project Manager – Platform Operations Information Systems

Information Technology Division, Shared Services, Abdul Latif Jameel Company Limited (ALJ), Saudi Arabia

-Senior Project Manager – Platform Operations Information Systems: Heading the Platform Operations Department in Information Systems Division.


ALJ Group IT Infrastructure

-Accountable for designing and implementing the LoB IT Infrastructure for the ALJ Group 

oPart of the Strategic Implementation Team for the ALJ Group

oSize the LoB Infrastructure (Servers/SAN/end user computing) for 10,000+ users varying from Manufacturing to Retail

oDesigning the complete LoB IT Infrastructure for multi-user, multi-business environment

oDeploy the environment in a High Available manner with complete multi-tier failovers

oManage the LoB IT Server Infrastructure for optimal performance and time response to the end user

§Applications include Oracle EBS 11i and custom developed .Net Applications

-Virtualization of the 150+ server infrastructure

oPart of the Strategic Planning and Implementation team to review VM Ware ESX

oCoordinate with VM Ware to come up with the optimal design recommendation ALJ’s server Infrastructure

oPrepare the Virtualization Roadmap for ALJ’s Server Infrastructure

oPoC the concept of virtualization in the ALJ’s Server Infrastructure

oStart the implementation of the same with non-critical servers

-Implementation of the Carrier Class SMS Gateway solution for CRM and alerting requirements

oScan the market and review all available SMS Gateway software

oTest the reviewed software in the ALJ environment for “right fit”

oPoC the shortlisted software and make the relevant recommendation to the Management

oProcure and implement the solution and make it operational

-Review and recommend the standard hardware for PCs and Notebooks

-Prepare the Budget for the Platform, Help Desk & User Support Departments for Capital and Operational requirement

-Part of the Senior Management Team to evaluate CRM Software for ALJ’s Automotive Business

-Part of the Senior Management Team to evaluate Services from Oracle and Microsoft

Jun 2007Apr 2008

Manager – Information Systems


Manage the IT Department



-Project Management

-Process Management

IT Shared Services

-Design, Development and Implement the Data Center

-Design, Develop and Implement the SAP Infrastructure

-Part of the IT Shared Services Team

-Project Management

-Process Management

Dec 2000May 2007

Manager - Information Systems


Godrej Industries Limited

-Manager – Information Systems: Since Apr’06: Leading the Systems and Infrastructure team.

-Senior Executive: Apr’05- Mar’06

Godrej Soaps Limited

-Executive - Information Systems: Dec’00- Mar’05: Systems Administration Team


Godrej Group SAP Infrastructure

-Accountable for designing and implementing the SAP Infrastructure for the Godrej Group 

oPart of the Strategic Implementation Team for the Godrej Group to “Go Live”

oSize the SAP Infrastructure for 1200 users varying from Manufacturing to Retail

oDesigning the complete SAP Infrastructure for multi-user, multi-business environment

oDeploy the environment in a record time of 2 weeks to meet the tight deadlines

oManage the SAP Infrastructure for optimal performance and time response to the end user

Information Security Working Group

-Accountable for leading the efforts across 

oEvaluate Technology, pilot it and recommend to the Group

oTechnology implementation for Information Security across the Godrej Group.

oImplementation of Information Security Policies & Procedures in IT.

oCreation/ maintenance of processes for ISO 27000 (BS7799).

oComplete IT infrastructure for Godrej Industries Ltd. / Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

-Given responsibility for implementing the Information Security Policies.

-Other key accountabilities include

oStrategic planning of WAN/LAN deployments for IT Application framework.

oLicense Management for Godrej Industries Ltd. / Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Application Management

-Accountable for Understanding/ implementing best architecture for MS Exchange 2003 for the Godrej Group companies

-Accountable for re-engineering the CRM solution for 99% uptime to the customers.

-Accountable for Application Infrastructure optimization

-Leading the efforts for integrating the Windows Active Directory Single Sign on for the Employee Portal.

-Leading the Centralization Case Study to make it a viable project case to be implemented

-Lead the efforts to include the Godrej Group in the Rapid Technology Deployment programs with Microsoft

-Single handedly deployed Microsoft SharePoint Portal for Knowledge Management which was later used as a show case by Microsoft for its prospective customers.

-Part of the team that deployed the Godrej Group Employee Port named “Godrejite”


Implementation of the e-Infrastructure for Godrej

-Work with the various teams to understand the nature of the e-applications needed to deploy for the Group

-Working out the access mechanisms for the e-applications with the business teams to ensure seamless and hassle free connectivity for the customers and employee

-Implementing the security requirements for the e-application infrastructure so that the same is secure

-Maintaining the e-application infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime and reach ability for the customers

Blackberry Evaluation & Implementation

-Evaluate the need for a device like Blackberry for the Godrej Group.

-Review it’s pros and cons vis-a-vie the other Smart Phones/PDAs available in the market and supported by the service providers

-Do a practical evaluation of the devices in the “real” environment to test ease of configuration, usability and manageability

-Talk to service providers for application extensibility onto the Blackberry platform

-Present the same to the Chairman/Managing Director and acquire their sanctions to proceed with the project

Field Force IT Usability enhancement

-Implementation & Management of the solutions like AttachView on MS Exchange 2003

-Research of solutions to address the drawbacks.

-Conducting Application Satisfaction Survey

-Analysis of the Survey

 Data centre evaluation & deployment

-Revamped the IDC set up for the group with evaluation, selection & deployment

-Selected RIL DAKC IDC & spearheaded the complete migration, deployment & support

-Enabled tele-working due to deployment of Internet based applications

-Entire Godrej group Infra is hosted at DAKC

Communication Cost Reduction

-Collate information on the various forms of voice communication used in the Godrej Group

-Come up with the reduction potential possible for the Group with various suggestions

-Discuss with the preferred voice vendors the possibility of reduction of costs with National consolidation

-Do a comparative evaluation of the various preferred and possible voice partners on a National base

-Make short term and long term recommendations based on the study

Infrastructure Optimization

-A project done with NSE.IT for augmenting IT Infrastructure Architecture for enabling optimal utilization of resources. The Project included

oImplementation of the results arrived at after analysis

oStudy of existing LAN/WAN networks, server/storage utilization & Internet bandwidth utilization.

oAnalysis of the collected data

oChanging the Proxy Server/  WAN Link terminations

oSegregation of the LANs with in the HO Campus

-Spearheading Network Management efforts as evaluation/ designing of new LAN/WAN requirements for various applications.

-Led Systems Management/ Database Management operations.

-Led the coordination efforts in devising the Corporate Security Policy & implementing the Server/Application Security Policy as details in the Information Security Policy and Procedures.

Planning/ Strategic Operations

-Functioned as a key member of Evaluation Team for HRMS / New ERP & successfully evaluated the Functional/ Infrastructural requirements for HRMS in terms of hardware/software, growth & bandwidth requirements.

-Led the evaluation of Implementation Partners for the same in terms of the skill sets available/needed.

-Coordinated with Functional teams in designing and strategizing new initiatives for both Godrej Industries Limited and Godrej Consumer Products Limited.

-Accountable for reporting to the Management on statuses of various Infrastructure projects in progress/completed during the various quarters of the year via Steering Committee Meetings.

-Accountable for presenting new ideas as usage of mobile phones for retail information capture to the Sales Organization.

-Accountable for evaluating, sizing and recommending equipment for various projects/applications to be used by the organizations.

Jan 1998Dec 2000

IM - Agent in Systems Administration Team


Systems/ Database Administration is done for a Passenger Revenue Accounting Software – JADE, developed by Speedwing. It is a revenue accounting system used by the airlines. It helps in ensuring that it is paid correctly for the passengers that it flies, declaring the revenue/ yielding for its business & monitoring the value of unused tickets & protecting itself from fraud.

Environment Used


RS/6000 as back-end server (AIX 4.2.1) & IBM PCs as front-end machines (OS/2 Warp4, C, C++ & JAVA)


ORACLE 7.3.3 (on RS/6000 & AIX) and DB/2 (on OS/2 Warp Server)

Key Accountabilities

Systems Administration

-Accountable for starting up/ shutting down AIX Server & Database instances, managing JADE & System processes & adding/removing users (AIX &OS/2 Warp3).

-Accountable for managing Disk Space, handling Backup & Restoration (AIX, ORACLE & OS/2 Warp) & writing shell scripts for automating daily/weekly tasks.

ORACLE Database User Support

-Accountable for writing SQL queries for assisting users in daily reporting, helping users finding  Database for information & managing data uploading from DB/2 to ORACLE (23 Master tables).

-Import/Export of ORACLE database tables.


University of Mumbai

Apr 2006

MBA - Information Management

Information Management

ORACLE India via Asset International

Jan 1998

Certificate Course in Oracle 7.X and Developer 2000

Database administration and PL/SQL programming 

University of Mumbai



Graduated in Physics



Honors Diploma in System Management

Unix, Shell scripting, C programming, RDBMS