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CGCRI as a Technician Past Experience: Duration v

Service Engineer

Star Computer
Solution as a service Engineer Technical skills: Current operated machines: v PANalytical XRD v Bruker D8 Advanced Machine v XRF v Planetary Milling Machine Work Performed: I have performed the entire task as given by me from my reporting officer. Few of them listed below. v Operation of PANalytical & Bruker XRD System. v Sample Preparation of XRD Analysis. v Operation of XRF Equipment. v Sample preparation of XRF Analysis. v Maintaining the UPS & common peripheral devices used with the Equipments. v To explore several software's for data interoperation based on X-Ray Diffraction. v Efficiently I can perform XRD system for various applications like wide angle XRD, Thinfilm, Pair Distribution Function(PDF), Small Angle X-Ray Scattering(SAXS) and Low angle XRD analysis. v I actively involved in R&D activity with guidance of my reporting officer. Soft Skills: v Explore few software's like RAD, Easy SAXS for PDF & SAXS analysis. v Maintain and Install the back end database related to XRD analysis like PDF 4+, JCPDS, ICDD v Identify and Install suitable platform OS(Windows XP Windows 7 Linux) which support for our analysis software. v

Service Engineer

CSIR IFB Service Center
as a Service Engineer v