• Bookmarks are automatically organized by neighborhood or on a map 
  • Users can run a search such as, "I'm looking for a place in the West Village that's good for a date".  It will return the best places from their bookmarks, as well as the top places from everyone else. 
  • There is a bookmarklet to instantly send places to the app from the browser, just like Instapaper. 
  • Registration/Login is not required to use the app 
  • All bookmarks are stored locally so the app works in the subway 
  • A user can share a place via text message.  It includes the name and address in the body of the text, automatically creates a Matchbook account for the recipient, adds the place to their account, and provides a link where they can retrive it.


Matchbook is a bookmarking application for places like bars, restaurants, and shops. The idea is akin to taking a matchbook from a restaurant or bar so you remember to return to that spot.

Females have been slow to adopt location based services due to privacy concerns.  We spoke with hundreds of women about what they would be willing to do around location, and the results were surprising.   A very high percentage already had some method of bookmarking places, such as emailing themselves or writing it in their notepad.   Despite doing this work, they said the results weren't useful because the places were not centralized or organized on a map.  Matchbook solves that problem.

Since privacy was the number one reason that women didn't use other location based services, we were very conservative with social features.  We see this as a growing trend with apps like Path, that are cautiously social until there are better solutions for the social circles problem.  

As we move forward, "where you are now" is only going to be one part of the location based space.  We are asking the question "where do you want to go in the future".  Ultimately it's a different way to capture location data that will be used to tap the same $140 billion dollar local ad market that everyone is trying to get a portion of. 

You can download Matchbook on Wednesday at: http://matchbookit.com/

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