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  • I'm passionate about solving problems and technology in general. I enjoy working with small teams
    of similarly driven and capable developers to create delightful and reliable products and services.
  • I have 6 years of software development experience focusing on all layers of the web stack form design and development to the deployment as sysadmin.
  • I've experience for developing inherently extensive distributed server-side applications on various
    MVC frameworks and SOLID principles.
  • I've developed several  web portals using HTML5 and JQuery and object oriented
    JavaScript . 
  • I have experience of working with node.js  with Express framework and Q-ope8 queuing library .
  • I like to contribute to number of  open source projects . I am git-hub contributor for
    1. phprados extension maintained by Redhat to connect and query CEPH file system
    2. Beanstalk - in-memory message queuing library with 1k+ stars

Skills & Tools

Server languages

php7, Java, node.js

FrontEnd Design & Scripting

HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery


Postgresql, Mysql, MongoDB(NoSQL)


Yii, Laravel, Doctrine, phpunit, Spring, Hibernate, Junit

Data caching

Redis, Memcached,Terracotta

Miscellaneous skills

Linux dockers and scripting, SOLID Principles, CQRS , Message queues , Web sockets and Push notification architecture, Composer

Work History

Apr 2018current

Technical Engineering Lead

Aug 2016Apr 2018

Sr.Software Developer

InTECH Creative Services
Apr 2014Aug 2016 engineer

wittybee Technologies
Aug 2013Apr 2014

Software Engineer
Jul 2011Aug 2013


zeus learning



Bachelor of Engineering ( Information Technology)

Vishwakarma Engineering College

Completed degree education with 72% ( Distinction ) In Information Technology Specialization


12th Standard ( Science Stream)

Himmat high school

Completed schooling with 81% ( Distinction)



Wittybee is a simpler, better and smarter way to collaborate, moderate and at the same time guides it
towards the suitable direction. Wittybee makes you remarkably efficient,relieves your tension and never
lets you down. It helps to End chaos, stay organized .It Improve your work with feedback. It creates
positive ambiance .It helps to design your work process . It gives you feel of social networking in the
office environment to remove stress and keep your happy and healthy .

  • Enhanced current framework capabilities by identifying performance glitches  which reduced
    database call being made by framework on object creation for getting metadata (column names ,
    constraints , etc ).It saved a database call every a object created for any class in a request life cycle.
  • Developing REST api according to jsonRPC standards in an inherently distributed architecture where
    user’s data are span across multiple database server having multiple schema on different
    geographical locations
  • Developing high performance complex sql queries on high traffic web application.
  • Taking care of functionalities for users on different version of the product . Major challenge here is ,
    how to collaborate among different users on different versions, where each version can include
    several database changes and feature changes .
  • Improving database performance with proper indexing , partitioning and replication . Replacing
    multiple database calls with stored procedures .
  • Continuous pull requests of fresh data was a bottleneck for server performance . So, implemented
    websockets using node.js to reduce network delay on every http handshake and providing push
    notification to the intended users over the websocket . Using async capabilities of node js to
    improve performance was a good learning curve for me.
  • Developed internal libraries in generalize fashioned code according to Design pattern
    standards (likewise factory , façade, memento ) which is also extensible
    at the same time which is being used on several different products of the company.
  • Multiple I/O calls are major bottleneck for any site's performance. So, we used redis cluster to save data
    retrieved from database and later on use that cache for serving other requests . Major challenge
    with Redis was concurrency shared cache build by different users (handling stale cache) .
  • Availability of new data in a totally distributed database over multiple schema and database servers
    cannot be done real-time as it kills the user experience . Implementing memory job queuing
    mechanism with the help of beanstalk and learning its architecture was an interesting part .


Wittybox ( Wittybee desktop client )

 Wittybox is a file saving and sharing tool which provides all the functionality of any file sharing tool similar like Dropbox or Google drive .  In addition to that  its added key  features – seamless file syncing  across computers within a team makes it a stand – apart app for the team collaboration also . The app works on the principle of bit torrent – based, peer – to – peer and server – to -peer file syncing, for seamless differential syncing. It also have some awesome features to control your upload and download bandwidth , selective sync of the files and folders , generate open and password protected url of a file to share with any other uses .


  • Developing algorithm to generate torrent files on server which minimize the file piece size and same
    time try to maximize number of pieces .
  • Developing patentable algorithm of hash-copy which helps on server to help different users save
    their bandwidth if other user is also uploading the same file .
  • Uploading a large file on server in a single shot in a post request is harmful . So, developed strategy
    to upload file in small pieces incrementally to accommodate large file upload on the server without
    any risk of post limit exceed on server memory overflow .
  • Simulating user's file operations like create, rename, delete, move on the server and therefore
    implementing a virtual file system server side .
  • As a single file can be operated by multiple users simultaneous , managing file conflicts when
    performing concurrent operations on a same file by multiple users was a challenging task .
  • Simulating torrent trackers , so file can be downloaded from the most possible geographically near
    user with that file using P2P protocol which also beneficiary at server end .

Area of Interests

Web Development in cutting edge technologies, Open source contribution, Algorithms and Parallel computing

Personal Details

Name                 :  Matang Dave

Date of Birth     :   28th Nov., 1989

Languages         :   English,Hindi

Gender               :  Male

Nationality         :  Indian


I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Matang Dave