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Work Experience

Sep 2017Present

Mobile Team Leader

Gefen Technologies

Managing both iOS and Android development teams.
Provide guidance, instruction, direction, and leadership to push the team forward in a company that switches to be mobile first.
Not an ordinary manager, I have to stay 70% hands-on, involved in every architectural decision and implementations.

Feb 2017Sep 2017

Indie Developer


Developed VoIP based dating app

  • Implemented telecommunications functionality on top of Twillio Voice SDK
  • Used Firebase functions for Server functionality
  • Written in React-native and supports IOS & Android
  • Integrated with Firebase FCM for incoming call functionality 
  • App supports In app purchases in both AppStore and PlayStore
  • Designed and developed  product and Interface
  • Conforms to Redux design pattern
Oct 2016Apr 2017



Developed multi-platform app for IOS, Android and Web

  • Developed complete end-to-end system by my own
  • Used Firebase Serverless technology for realtime database
  • Used Bluetooth Beacons technology for identification of patients' activities throughout out the day
  • Developed in React and React native, sharing  model and domain logic among  the three different platforms
  • Researched UI and UX best practices for adapting a new technology for the elderly.
  • All three platforms were updated using automated distribution using Fastlane for Mobile, and Heroku for Web
  • Developed app extensions for Apple watch
  • Learned how to take an idea to reality , and optimize and prioritize the workflow
  • Memoria was accepted for "Startup-bootcamp" Berlin
Feb 2016Oct 2016

Senior IOS Developer


Developed Daily, Teams collaboration, and Circle apps

  • Planned the architecture and took a major part in writing one of Jive's apps, named 'Team collaboration' (Chime). The app is a web socket based real time messaging app 
  • Took part in writing and improving Jive app 'Daily',  a Jive-n IOS app
  • Improved stability and loading times of a Jive app, 'Circle',  the mobile employee directory for companies
  • Inserted design concepts and principles, such as dependency injection, MVVM, and commands
  • Persuaded Jive to start migrating to Swift and instructed the team on how to do so
  • Created lectures/presentations for my team with topics including: clean code and maintainable code, new technologies as 'AutoLayout', and more
  • Contributed libraries to open source such as: 'ImageOpenTransition' and 'JVTImageFilesPicker'
  • Took first place at a 'Hackathon', by writing an app that analyses companies' data to find the most suitable employee to help on a specific topic
Feb 2014Feb 2016

IOS Developer


Developed GetStocks App from scratch

  • Managed reception of in-app real time data of over 1,000 quotes for stocks per sec, updating UI in real time dealing with multi-threading for the best UI experience
  •  Worked with a huge code base
  •  Applied cutting edge technologies for complete and continuous integration
  • Used Git for publishing to App Store and in-house distribution
  • Adopted IOS 8 and IOS9, learned Swift, used Storyboard, Nib, Core Animation, AutoLayout depending on the needs and best practice for the task
  • Utilzed best frameworks available such as: ReactiveCocoa, SwiftBond, SnapKit, Masonry, AFNNetworking, Mantle and more
Dec 2012Jan 2014

IOS Developer


Developed over 10 different apps from scratch

  •  Adopted IOS 7 and AutoLayout
  •  Used my creativity to bring application ideas into reality including product specifications
  • Experienced AppStore integration, including provisioning, code signing and distributing
  •  Integrated Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Local Notification, UI Kit, Map Kit and more

About Me

I love my profession. Development and programming is my passion.

The first programming book I read was "Clean code" by 'Robert Cecil Martin' and it has defined my vision until today.

For me, in order for an application to be maintainable, the code should be good, and good code is clean code.

Code architecture intrigues me. I follow programmers like Ash Furrow and Colin Eberhart to keep up to date with their latest insights.

I am continuously refactoring and re-architecting my projects to better suit present needs and prepare for future changes.

I am a big fan of the MVVM design pattern as it helps distribute responsibilities between classes in a GUI application.

I am one of the initiators of a weekly IOS development Meetup which brings together like-minded programmers to discuss and share their most recent insights.

In my free time, aside from learning additional programming skills, you will find me running, listing to music or clubbing.

Side Projects

At the moment I am finalizing a dating app using Voip calls I have developed.

It has been approved by Apple, and is presently being beta tested on both Apple and Android.

In the past, I developed an App for Alzheimer patients that helps them remember daily tasks with location based I-beacon technology.   

The app is supported by the Israeli Alzheimer Institute, but it has not yet been released to the AppStore.

And I take part organizing an IOS development Meetup once a week.