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About Me

I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have a great eye for detail. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in Information Technology, Public Relations, Marketing  and Corporate communications.  I am always eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve my communication and professional IT skills gained through previous experiences


Adaptability/Change Leadership:

I am able to effectively manage changing environments in the organization, global, economic, and political matters; maintaining effectiveness when dealing with multiple and conflicting priorities across different cultural settings, or during emergency and crisis situations.

Interpersonal skill

Able to easily co-exist and communicate with both individuals and groups  at different levels while getting the job or project at hand done 

Decision making

Excellent at making decision under any condition... putting into consideration the Decision making rules from identifying the possible options to figuring out consequences of each option 


i am able to convey information to another effectively and efficiently  this is because i posses good verbal , non-verbal and written communication skills that enable me to share information  especially within  a company or organisation  for  its commercial benefits 


Proven ability to blend with people from different cultures in any team activity and work collaboratively in order to achieve the objectives of the team 

Computer Experience

I have an extensive experience in operating all major computer and ICT applications as well as computer troubleshooting and computer hardware maintenance and installation.

I'm a expert at Microsoft Word , Excel and Mac Numbers. I can create fully-functional spreadsheets and am familiar with organizing and analyzing large sets of data

i am also  Able to run and maintain a website, Facebook pages as well as Blogs.

Work History

Jul 2014Present

Marketing Assistant

NewTech ICT Sytems 
  • Analyzing and investigating price , demand and competition 
  • Devising and presenting ideas and strategies for the company  
  • Answering  calls, greeting clients and addressing their requests
  • Developing branding initiative for the company 
  • Developing communication strategies  
Mar 2013Jul 2014

IT Assistant 

Alwan Communication LTD 
  • Computer maintenance and Repairing,
  • Data entry ,
  • Troubleshooting computer and printers,
  • Database administration and management
  • Software and hardware installation.
Jul 2013Jul 2015

Blogger and Blog Adminstrator

Newlight Blog
  • MaintainIing a consistent look and feel throughout all Blog properties
  • Copyediting and proofreading  all blog content
  • Overseeing freelancers and writers, 
  • Keeping current with emerging web technologies 
  • Ensuring web-based information is archived for future needs and reference
  • Tracking and reporting on all site metrics
Jul 2013Present

Founder and Current Chairperson

kegonga Young Generation Youth Group
  • Managing flow of day to day events 
  • Liaising with relevant funding organisation to help Fund the Group  Projects 
  • Developing strategies team will use to reach set goals 
  • Chairing group meetings 
  • Inviting relevant training groups and motivational speakers 
Mar 2010Mar 2013

Marketer and Online editor

Legacy Publication

Duties included

  • Coordinating online publishing and managing content areas 
  • Suggesting stories and generating headline ideas 
  • Overseeing layout (artwork Design and photography )
  • Proof reading , editing and improving stories 
  • Was part of the team that designed the logo
  • Gained editing skills while enhancing my online marketing techniques

Aug 2012Jan 2013

IT assistant

Kuria East Public Health Office
  • Computer maintenance and Repairing,
  • Data entry ,
  • troubleshooting computer and printers,
  • Database administration and management
  • software and hardware installation.
Aug 2012Dec 2012

Marketing Communication Intern

National Hospital Insurance Fund ( NHIF) 

Duties included :

  • Managing Company Brand and reputation
  • Writing reports 
  • Answering calls , greeting clients and addressing their requests in the best way possible 
  • Helped in Developing branding initiatives
  • Participated in developing internal publications such as newsletters , releases and email announcement
  • Gained experience in public relation,call center activities , customer service,corporate marketing and branding
  • Answering queries through the company social media pages 

Mar 2010May 2010

IT Support intern 

United States International University - Africa 
  • Installation and configuration of computer hardware operating systems , printers and applications
  • Monitoring and closing tickets in Help desk system
  • Supporting staff / Clients through a series of Actions , either face to face or over telephone
  • troubleshooting system and network problems and solving hardware /software faults
  • prioritizing and managing open client calls
  • setting up user accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues
  • Making UTP Cables and Configuring LAN switches  


Aug 2009Jul 2013

Degree in Linguistic Media and Communication

Moi University

Majored in corporate/marketing communication

Feb 2004Nov 2007

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 

Maseno School



Kenya Certificate of Primary Education 

Oyugis Highlands Academy

432 marks . A plain


Mr. KIbiwott Maina 

Network Engineer  , USIU - AFRICA

P.o Box 678, Nairobi 

Phone : 0725008872


Dr. Odhiambo James

District Public Health Officer, Kuria East

P.o Box 345 , Kisumu

Phone : 0711819944


Mrs. lorna Omasire

Marketing Assistant Manager, NHIF 

P.o Box 445 , Nairobi 

Phone : 0725915191