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In 1995, Masterwork USA was established as a manufacturing firm, and since then they have acquired enough experience to become a highly rated manufacturer of die cutting machines and stamping machines among others. They have managed to be listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and are proud of working with 800 dedicated employees and cover an area of about 10,000 square meters. They have a revenue of $550 million every year, which they believe is as a result of being present in over 20 nations globally. Some of the awards they have received include Excellent Brand for Chinese Packaging and Best Aggregate Index of Economic.

At Masterwork USA, they are proud of working with Ms. Li Li as their Chairman, General Manager and President. Ms. Li Li works together with an executive team as the core of the company. They work to provide high quality and consistent printing and packaging services. They have a strong corporate culture that is based on professionalism and quality to meet customer needs.

MK MasterWork USA Inc
3700 Rose Lake Dr
Charlotte, NC 28217
Tel: (704) 288-9506