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Work experience


Faculty and Advisory Board

Immucor, Inc.

TRALI Mitigation, Platelets Transfusion, role of HLA/HNA/HPA  in transfusion reactions, Red Blood Cells Genotyping                                                  


Director, Special Services

Rhode Island Blood Center, Providence (RI)

Technical and Managerial Director of the Histocompatibility, Immune-Hematology/Reference and Relationship Testing Laboratories.


Director-In-Training, Histocompatibility Laboratory

Tufts Medical Center, Boston (MA)

HLA Director-in-Training & HLA Associate Director 


Supervisor, HLA & Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Tufts Medical Center, Boston (MA)

Technical Supervision of the HLA and the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories.

Laboratory daily operations, staff management, cases and result review.  Supervised tests: HLA tissue typing (SSOP), CDC Crossmatch, Flow Crossmatch, HLA Disease Association, Factor-II & Factor-V Mutations, CMV/BKV/EBV virus load (by q-PCR), GC-Clamidia, HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV


Medical Technologist

Tufts Medical Center, Boston (MA)

HLA/Flow Cytometry/Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories

HLA tissue typing (SSOP), CDC Crossmatch, Flow Crossmatch, HLA Disease Association, Diagnostic Flow Cytometry, Factor-II & Factor-V Mutations, CMV/BKV/EBV virus load (by q-PCR), GC-Clamidia, HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV.


Ph.D. Student/Research Associate

The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, La Jolla (CA)

Ph.D. Student: BCR signalling in survival and cell death in Leukemia and Lymohoma

Research Associate: Drug discovery in Leukemia & Lymphoma


Ph.D. Student/Clinical Immunology Technologist

National Cancer Institute (IST), Genoa (ITA)

Ph.D. Student: BCR Signalling in survival and Cell Death in Leukemia & Lymphoma

Medical Technologist: Diagnostics Flow Cytometry


Clinical Immunology Technologist/ Research Associate

Department of Hemato-Onclology, General Hospital, Reggio Calabria (ITA)

Medical Technologist: HLA typing (SSP), Diagnostic Flow Cytometry, Stem Cell Processing, Molecular Biology.

Research Associate: B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Survival Signaling and Programmed Cell Death.


Histology/Embryology Fellowship

The University of Messina, Italy

Histology & Embryology Fellowship

University Thesis preparation



Histocompatibility & Relationship Testing


Proficiency testing Committee



Technical & Managerial Directorship of Clinical Laboratories

Several years experience as technical and financial director of clinical laboratories. Management of technical personnel & budget design.

Experienced with several National Accreditation Agencies

Experience in both Hospital and Blood Center environment.  Knowledgeable with FDA, AABB, CAP, ASHI, NYSDOH, etc.

Continuing Education Programs

Creates continuing education programs in Cellular and Molecular Immunology for clinical and research programs and laboratories.


Several years experience presenting in national and international meetings. Lecturer for grand rounds, transplant programs and pathology residents. Extensive experience as medical technologists and students trainer.

Research & Development/Validations/SOP

Clinical Research, Test Development and Optimization, Validation design and execution, SOP writer and validator.

Proficiency Testing Organizer

Organized, maintained and graded PTs.

HLA Genotyping

HLA tissue typing for related/unrelated Stem Cell Transplantation, Solid Organ Transplantation and Disease Association. 

HLA Antibody Detection
CDC, ELISA, Solid Phase Assays
STRs Genotyping

STRs detection and analysis for Chimerism Monitoring and Relationship Testing

Flow Cytometry
Diagnostic Flow Cytometry, Flow Cytometry Crossmatch
Real Time PCR (q-PCR)

Quantitative detection of viral loads in plasma and other body fluids

Cellular Assay

Cylex ImmuKnow

Text Section


Employing my extensive technical, analytic and creative expertise in the fields of Transplant Immunology, Flow Cytometry, Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Biology.

Employing my expertise as Director of a Transplant Immunology Laboratory to meet and exceed the standards of quality and patient care.

Employing my expertise as Director of a Relationship testing Laboratory to meet and exceed the standards of quality and the expectation of clients.

My daily goal is to ensure quality and safety in the clinical laboratories and to ensure a high standard of care and services for all our patients and clients.


Current & Past References

Name and contact info of references are given upon request.