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Work experience

Feb 2009Apr 2009

Laboratory Technician

CEINGE - advanced biotechnologies

Study on the Otx2 gene in medulloblastoma

Dec 2008Feb 2009

internship in oncology

University of Naples "Federico II"

Study on cancer cell CaCo 2, cellular colture, trans epithelial electric resistance (TEER) measurements, RNA extraction

Oct 2006Oct 2008

internship in physiology

University of Naples "Federico II"

In-vivo experiments of physiology on experimental animal like rats and hamster.

Use of electron microscope. Study with the infrared camera and laser doppler of the microscvascular brain disease.

Feb 2005Apr 2005


Poste Italiane


Oct 2003Jul 2008

Medical Biotechnologies

University of Naples "Federico II"

Title of the Graduation Thesis: Role of the probiotic in the treatment of the damage induced by Ischemia-reperfusion in an experimental model of hepatic steatosis.

In vivo experiments on rats and hamsters, fluorescence microscopyto visualize hepatic and cerebral microcirculation.

PCR Methods, Western blotting, Nucleic Acid extraction, Electrophoresis, Allelic Discrimination for the analysis of polymorphisms involved in human pathologies