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Sep 2004Dec 2006

Associate of Science in Computer Science


Data Structures in Java/C++

Computer Architecture

Advance Algorithms

Operating Systems

Database System

Software Engineering

Software Architecture and Design Patterns

Discrete Mathematics

Probability & Statistics


Automata Theory

Relevent Projects

  • Developed a solution in Java to add and subtract simple polynomial functions using linked list.
  • Solved the shortest-path problem using the binary Heap (Priority Queue) tree in Java.
  • Implemented a stack structure in Java to solve the problem of converting an infix expression into a postfix expression.
  • Used socket programming on Unix OS in Java to simulate a customer making transactions with a bank.
  • Implemented an AVL tree in Java to solve the problem of maintaining optimal height.
  • Developed Dikjstra's algorithm in Java to find the shortest path in a graph from a single source.
  • Used multi-threaded and distributed hash table overlay (Chord) in a P2P network in Java. The Chord overlay supports O(log2 n) message delivery.
  • Created Enhanced Entity-Relationship diagram for a university library. Defined the schema for the university library using Data Definition Language and Data Integrity and Value constraints. Created and executed commands for various operations for the library using MySQL.


May 2010


Seeking a full-time or an internship position in software development using OOA and OOD.


Sodtware and Tools
Languages   Java 6, C++, C# .Net, MySQL. Software        Microsoft Office, Windows XP/Vista, Unix Tools              Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, JBuilder, Eclipse, NetBeans.  

Work experience