Syed Masood Ibrahim


One of the leading issuers & processors in the prepaid card industry. Working for them as an Associate Manager Client Services, looking after a team of 50 tech support agents. Responsible for streamlining all the processes for the software house. Did system analysis and beta testing for Intello, their in house CRM/IVR. Communicating with all the departments and making sure that we are delivering on time for various projects as per customer queries. Conducting trainings for all the departments and for clients on various card programs and instances. Revising their incentive plan and HR policies. Do analysis and generate change requests for all the applications and get them developed in house. Do beta testing for all the instances on production, attend conference calls on behalf of the company with the clients. Currently launched a new prepaid MasterCard/Visa program for Western Union & Bancorp. Recent Clients; Black Hawk Network, BankFreedom, 9Vision, Brand Becker, 1800Tarjetas, TranStar Hybrid, Convenient Cards, RevupCards, AMG, Payoneer, Verities, Merchant Processing Intl & Money Solutions Intl etc...

Work experience

Work experience

Associate Manager Client Services

i2c Inc