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A dedicated Resident Assistant whose main focuses are establishing lasting relationships, connecting people to resources, building an inclusive community, and creating positive changes at a fundamental level. Strength's Quest strengths: Restorative, Achiever, Includer, Adaptability, and Belief. Also a motivated individual that enjoys having difficult conversations, working with others, and has an incessant impetus to learn.

Work experience


Resident Assistant

Wentz Hall

As a resident assistant it was my job to build a community in Wentz Hall. I acted as a resource and a friend to my residents who, for the most part, were knew to College. I developed communication skills by getting connected with residents who all had their own unique personalities. This diversified my way of assessing situations and how I executed in following up from these situations. I also gained great leadership qualities from being responsible for 32 different residents, as well as a total of 238 residents in Wentz Hall alone. Each resident has their own set of wants and needs, so I have learned how to best accommodate them by getting to know them on a more personal level. This job, overall, has made me a more well-rounded individual, determined to great things for the future.


Assembly worker

Automation Components Inc.

As an assembly worker, it was my job to build sensor and transmitter components to be manufactured and sold that regulated temperature, humidity, air current, and pressure. This job gave me skills in efficiency, working with large orders and deadlines. I also gained excellent communication skills in working between departments that were interdependent of each other to complete orders.


Desk Assistant

Eagle Hall front desk

As a desk assistant it was my job to be a resource for the residents and occupants of Eagle Hall. My duties gave me skills in team building by working with other desk assistants and desk coordinator. I learned personal responsibility and confidentiality working with money, resident's packages and mail. In addition, I gained outstanding communication and customer service skills by meeting the needs of many residents, members of ORL, Hall directors, and informing campus tours about the job of a desk assistant.


House Representative

Eagle Gray

As a house representative it was my job to work with the Eagle Gray staff team and core team. I helped aid in completing hall activities and programs. I also attended weekly hall council and leadership meetings. This job prepared me well for similar responsibilities that I have as a resident assistant. I had to work with other members of the core team and staff team. I created plans to complete hall activities and programs. I executed these plans while also helping with preparation and take-down.



Bachelor of Arts: Education

University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Double major: general broad field social studies education and political science education and minor in public administration.