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Work experience

* Projects:Arabic Blog Semantic Based Search Engine.

(It was my graduation project, we implement a semantic search engine for arabic blogs "Technology feild" using Ontologies and RDFs).

* Volunteer:A member in the Media team of Riyadh GTUG (Google Technology Users Groups).


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32 hour Course


120 Academic Hour

Mar 2011


King Saud university

Carrere Objective

A place where I can improve myself in Web Development, Design, Marketing or/and E-commerce by working with a creative team and being a member in to make this place proud of me.


I love reading books about Self improvement, planing, Design, and Branding . I love quotes and sometimes i write some according to things facing me in my daily life :)

Sport makes me happy and I like colors, Art and Design a lot .  


I knew about me
- High level of commitment. - Make Good presentations. - Fast learner. - Discover new prograaming languages such as c# for windows phone app. - Team leadership. - Creative. - Microsoft office applications.
Training \ Activities
* Training: Finished 2 months training ITCAN program by Microsoft. -Soft Skills:   include (Communicting with people - Leadership - presentation skills - team work). -Technical Skills:  Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 & , inculde: 1) Introduction to Web Development with Microsoft visual Studio 2010. 2) Developing and customizing applications for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. 3) Designing applications for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. 4) SharePoint Site Administration Basics. * Activities: Attend Meeting of minds work shop at King Saud University
Adobe PhotoShop Currently I study graphic design - Self Study - .
Java. JSP [ JavaServer Pages ]. JavaScript. Visual Basic. SQL [ Structured Query Language ]. C#. HTML [ Hyper Text Markup Language ]. XHTML [ eXtensible HyperText Markup Language ]. PHP [ Hypertext Preprocessor ]. CSS [ Cascading Style Sheets ].