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University of Iowa


Illinois State House Candidate


To utilize my extensive knowledge and contact base for the development of valid stem cell treatments and cures.

Current Projects

  • Concurrent Treatment Study negotiations - Cerebral Palsy and Autologous Cord Blood  - Duke University with New Zealand and Australia.
  • World Stem Cell Summit (2009) Autologus Cord Blood/Autism Research Study Proposal:  Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger. 
  • Initiated US/ Argentina consulate fundraising effort for the The Delfina Baratelli Foundation (2010)

Media and Appearances


  • Published Contribution
  • "Right to Recover" Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America.


Community Service

2008 Democratic Candidacy Portfolio

Legislative Initiatives

  • I stood in strong support of Congressional Stem Cell Research Bill HB810. In July 2006 at the request of Senator Sam Brownback, I testified before a Senate Subcommittee and Vatican Officials who were in opposition to NIH funding of expanded stem cell research.
  • As a result of my visit, New Zealand’s government is currently considering legislation creating a public cord blood bank. This bank would be particularly important for the ethnic groups native to the region, since New Zealand has one private bank, but does not yet have a public bank. This would also allow New Zealand to become part of the emerging international network of banks.

  • Since addressing members of the Australian Parliament, Australia has doubled the size of its public cord blood bank.


  • Initiated clinical baseline and mobilized patient base for multiple ongoing autologous cord blood studies for treatment of a range of pediatric neurological brain injuries at Duke University. Counseled parents on the procedure and the possible treatment results for their children. To date, over 170 children have received this treatment at Duke University.
  • My son was one of the initial pediatric patients at Duke University in 2005: although he had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, he has no special needs after receiving this specialized transplant using his own cord blood.
  • Advised Senator Obama's staff on the possibilities and limitations of adult stem cell treatment. This assured transparency and honesty as my son's story was included in Senator Obama's statements during the U.S. Senate stem cell research bill debates.

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