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My objective is to grow and learn in college as much as I possibly can. I will be attending Texas Christian University in the fall of 2012, and could not be more excited and anxious to be a horned frog. I am prepared and more than willing to accept the educational and social growth that will take place throughout my college years. I am planning to join a Panhellenic Sorority at TCU, and am looking forward to meeting the wonderful young women whom I will form a lasting sisterhood with.


Aug 2008Present

Booker T. Washington High School


I have always been an advanced reader, and writer. As with Public Speaking, I have also been forced to put these skills into practice when presenting my DECA proposals. I have written numerous lengthy papers, with the longest being a 30 page paper that I am currently undertaking for my Senior Year DECA project. I enjoy using various types of writing devices, while keeping my style unique, to better help my readers understand where my ideas are coming from, and possibly change their perspective.
Public Speaking
I use my public speaking skills when I participate in DECA conferences and competitions. I must present myself in an eloquent and professional fashion while simultaneously persuading my judges and my audience to believe in my cause or business.