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Mary Beth Hertz

K-6 Technology Teacher at Alliance for Progress Charter School

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Technology Teacher

Alliance for Progress Charter School

Technology Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist

Currently serve as Technology teacher for the school.  Lab is comprised of 27 iMacs bound to a server.  I manage the machines and and student accounts through Workgroup Manager. 

Lessons include projects on Internet Safety, basic Keyboarding practice, long-term research projects incorporating both tools like Diigo, SweetSearch, EasyBib and PowerPoint and including lessons on best practices for internet searches.  Students also complete projects using Tux Paint (drawing program) as well as basic iMovie projects and GarageBand projects.  Web 2.0 tools like Wordle, Storybird, Google Forms and Docs as well as JamStudio, Voki and Wikispaces have been used as well.

Online Artifacts:


  • We have a SchoolTube channel that houses some of our video projects.
  • One of our 3rd grade classes completed a collaborative VoiceThread with a 3rd grade class in Massachusetts.
  • We have a blog for the after school program some of our students do with the Urban Tree Coalition.

Other responsibilities:

Wrote the technology curriculum and Acceptable Use Policy for the school and helped craft the school's E-Strategic plan for E-Rate funding.  Responsible for supporting teachers with their technology needs and supporting teachers in integrating technology into their lessons.

Sep 2005Jun 2010

School District of Philadelphia

Guion S. Bluford Elementary School

Computer Lab Specialist Teacher: 2007-2010

Served as Computer Lab teacher for the school.  Lab was comprised of 33 iMacs bound to a server.  I used Apple Remote Desktop to manage the machines and Workgroup Manager to manage student accounts. 

Lessons included projects on Internet Safety, basic Keyboarding practice, long-term research projects incorporating Inspiration, PowerPoint and including lessons on best practices for internet searches.  Students also completed projects using Tux Paint (drawing program) as well as basic iMovie projects and GarageBand projects.  Web 2.0 tools like Wordle, Storybird, Google Forms and Docs as well as JamStudio, Shidonni, Dumpr, and Diigo have been used as well as Gaggle (to teach students how to leave a comment on a message board, write an email and blog).

Online Artifacts:


Technology Teacher Leader: 2006-2010

I serve as the technology support person for the school, fixing computers and troubleshooting problems as well as maintaining the school's 100+ computers for classroom use.  I also train teachers and help with integrating technology into the classroom.

  • I recently held a District-wide Elluminate session (webinar) on Social Bookmarking and its uses in and out of the classroom.  This is the presentation.

Science Specialist Teacher: 2005-2007

Served as Science teacher for the school.  All lessons were based on FOSS, STC and K12 units.  Students were trained in materials management, Scientific Method, observation skills and critical thinking skills.

Lessons included topography and map reading, plant growth and development, crayfish study, environment study with beetles, grasshoppers, fish, snails and aquatic plants as well as rocks and minerals and earth materials study.

T.G. Morton Elementary

Literacy Intern Teacher: 2003-2005

Worked as Intern in a Kindergarten classroom, 1st grade classroom, 2nd grade classroom and 4th grade classroom.  Responsibilities included small group instruction with Guided Reading groups and for extra support in Math.  Co-taught lessons as well as lesson planned with grade group members.  Conducted DRA testing, DIBELS testing, and took part in parent conferences and giving grades.

Jun 2003Aug 2009

Camp Girard

Specialist Teacher

Summer 2008

Served as Science Teacher for a group of 7th and 8th grade boys.  Campers came to me daily for 2 hours.  Lessons were focused around the Ecosystems STC unit.  Campers built 'eco-columns' using 2 liter soda bottles, with a Terrarium on the bottom and an Aquarium on the top.  They studied that parts of each ecosystem as well as how the two ecosystems were related.

I took them on a trip the Schuylkill Environmental Center to go hiking on the trails and see some of the ecosystems we had learned about in person.  Afterward, they used Glogster to create a mini report on an organism they had seen at the Center.

I also co-taught a 'Good Green Eats' Elective for 7th and 8th graders.  We learned about how to read food labels, about the 5 food groups and the campers created a menu which they brought to life.  We took them shopping at Whole Foods where they got a tour of the store and bought the items they needed for their meal.  We then cooked the meal as a group and ate it together.

We also took the campers to visit a local farm (Weavers Way) where they learned about how some of their food grows and what kind of work goes into providing fresh fruits and vegetables by helping the farmers do some harvesting.

Summers of 2006 and 2007

Served as Science Elective teacher for Upper Camp (7th and 8th graders).  Worked with a group of 8 campers daily, completing lessons in Engineering, Electricity, Space Science (including a WebQuest) and finishing the summer with rocket building and launching.

Summers of 2004 and 2005

Served as Character Education teacher for Lower Camp (pre-K to 4th Grade).  Campers participated in group-building activities and lessons.  Ran a Great American Bake Sale with the Character Education teacher for Upper Camp to raise money for Manna, an organization that helps feed people in Philadelphia.  One of my 4th Grade groups visited a nursing home across the street and played games and completed craft activities with some of the residents.

During the second summer I incorporated the Responsive Classroom Model into my lessons by having a classroom meeting and greeting at the start of every class.  Our project was to create magnets to sell to raise money for a charity.

Summer 2003

Served as Science Specialist teacher for the entire camp (about 200 campers in grades K-8).  Conducted hands-on experiments such as an Egg Drop competition and a water-cleaning experiment.


Sep 2007Sep 2009

Master of Science

Saint Joseph's University

Coursework included topics such as Research in Instructional Technology, Technology Planning, Multimedia,  Interactive Technologies, Networking and Graduate Internship.

All coursework was easily incorporated into my everyday classroom experiences and lessons.

Nov 2003Jun 2005

Teaching Certification Program

University of Pennsylvania

Completed a Teacher Certification Program at UPenn while working full time as a Literacy Intern.  Attended evening classes twice a week.  Classes included topics such as the history of schools, Reading pedagogy and practice, hands-on Science instruction, creating Social Studies units using the Understanding by Design method.  Also completed Student Teaching in a 1st Grade classroom at the end of the program.

Sep 1998May 2002

Bachelor of Arts

Oberlin College

French Studies (Major)

Studied French literature as well as French-Vietnamese and French-African literature.  Completed a Independent Study project on French Surrealist Poetry, focusing on a few major, influential poets of the movement.

All classes were conducted in French and all assignments were completed in French.

African-American Studies (Minor)

Studied the history of the African-American experience in the US from slavery until the present day.  Studied the Caribbean African experience with a professor from Ghana.

Study Abroad Experience: Senegal

Spent a semester in Dakar, Senegal studying French language as well as Senegalese history and culture.  Took a week-long excursion to the border with Mauritania as well as inland, rural areas. Lived with a Senegalese family in Dakar (the capital) and focused my studies on clothing and textiles in the area.


Joanna Bermudez

Joanna has been a colleague for a few years and is now my immediate supervisor.

Shira Woolf-Cohen

Shira was the director of Camp Girard for 6 years, since its inception.  I worked under her at the camp for 5 years as a Specialist Teacher.

Arthurea Smith

I worked with Arthurea as my principal during the 2008-2010 school years.

Erin Grune

I have worked with Erin over the course of 4 1/2 years, teaching her students as their Science and Lab teacher. We collaborated on an Election WebQuest for the 2008 Election.


I am looking for a learning community that is dedicated to its students and to innovative and forward-thinking instruction with an emphasis on technology integration.

Student Digital Media Projects

Professional Development Media

About Me

I am a passionate, organized and motivated learner.  I enjoy working with others, especially when project planning or co-teaching.  I have a strong work ethic and I give my all to my students and my colleagues.  I am also not afraid of trial and error and I love trying new things with my students, even if it means they end up teaching me something.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD): Member since 2005

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE): Member since 2007


Recognized as an "ISTE Emerging Leader" at ISTE 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado

View press release here.


Member of Alpha Epsilon Lambda graduate honors society since 2010.


Co-organizer of edcamp Philly, an unconference for teachers centered around conversation and meaningful dialogue about practice.

Published Work

Recently had an article published in the February 2011 online edition of ASCD's Educational Leadership.

You can read it here: 3 Schools for the 21st

Social Networks


Presented at:

ISTE 2010 on Facebook Privacy Settings -- June 2010

The Reform Symposium (virtual conference) on "It's Not the Tool, It's How You Use It"---July 2010

TSETC on Using Collaborative Tools in the Classroom and on Using Twitter to Enhance Professional Practice---October 2010

Edcamp NYC on Distraction and the Internet -- December 2010

Educon on Distraction and the Internet -- January 2011


May 2009Present

Level II Elementary Education

Pennsylvania Department of Education
May 2009Present

Instructional Technology Specialist

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Aug 2010Present

Business/Computer/Information Technology (K-12)

PA Dept of Education