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Name : Mariyam Ali Al-dakheel
Date of birth : 02/07/1992
Nationality : Saudi Arabia
Place of birth: Dhahran
mobile number: 0592332776



high school 

the 1'st secondary school in jubail

scientific section 
My third grade point was : 92.09
My GPA : 80.31



I know how to use almost all the programs. and i am fast at typing.

ability to improve 

If i saw an opportunity i don't hesitate i just go for it, and i push myself to be a better person.


Good at dealing with people, and ready to help them with everything.


Speaking and writing.

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Customer Service

Visa Application Center ( Etimad )

I started from June as a part of Germany Embassy Team , not directly with the Embassy to be exact. Then in the month of September i have been transferred to be a part of the France Embassy team.