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Mary Lossley

A Dynamic Customer Service Specialist W/ Managerial Experience



Seeking a position where my strong problem-solving, persuasive and negotiating skills will be well utilized. Demonstrated use of excellent presentation and communication skills together with a hunger to learn and succeed in sales provide strong motivation for my employment. A results-driven and hard worker, I am fully committed to contributing to the success of your company.

Work experience

Jan 2000Mar 2015

Manager of Marketing and Sales

Mary-Ann L. Mfg.Jewelers Inc. Los Angeles, CA
  •  Responsible for making tough decisions and providing direction, guidance and support to a team.
  • Driving and delivering the commercial performance of the business.
  • Scheduling workloads to meet priorities and targets.
  • Implementing business procedures.
  • Organizing staff schedules.
  • Developing and implementing creative selling techniques.
  • Ensuring that company goals are met in a timely fashion by the efficient and effective management of personnel and resources.
  • Working with other department heads. Involved in the recruitment and mentoring of new staff.
  • Delegating responsibilities.
  • Undertaking staff performance reviews. Establishing the businesses objectives. Driving the sales and marketing strategy.
Jan 1998Jun 2008


Car Clinic                                                                                                           Fresno, CA

 Responsible for ensuring that the company store runs smoothly by creating a firm foundation that enables the delivery of core services to customers.

  • Holding company employees accountable to standards of integrity, professionalism, reliability and competency.
  • Managing store operations.
  • Promoting a culture where diversity is valued.
  • Carrying out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Company’s policies 
  • Tackling all disciplinary issues with swift and suitable action.
  • Ensuring that all departmental purchases are made within budget.
  • Managing operational plans.
  • Monitoring daily inventory levels.
  • Monitoring staffing levels and ensuring that there are enough people around to cover busy or peak periods.
  • Directing staff to perform daily work duties.
  • Handling issues that have been escalated from the ground up and which need resolving.
  • Training new employees in accordance with company standards.
  • Ensuring adherence to all departmental and company guidelines, policies and procedures.



Diploma in Business Operations and Managment

Bryman Business College


 Certified Appraiser Of Diamonds and Colored stones.

Gemological Institute Of America

 Certified Gemologist