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Marvin Smith is a Senior Experience Design Consultant, Information Architect, UI Researcher and Strategist seeking positions in which to apply his broad professional experience.

Throughout his career, Marvin has collaborated with users to understand their needs, marketers and business managers to understand business goals, and engineers to understand technologies' capabilities. He has leveraged these collaborations to create effective and elegant user experiences that deliver success for the business and delight for the end user.

Marvin's user experience design experience ranges from various types of ecommerce web solutions to a multitude of mobile applications, including responsive design.

His combination of quantitative and qualitative sensibility combined with excellent written and verbal communication skills, exceptional work ethic, and ability to work individually and with robust teams, make him an excellent candidate for any user experience design challenge.

Professional Summary

Marvin has extensive applied experience in usability and user experience design techniques and has traveled worldwide conducting client usability and design programs. He has been involved in a wide array of project types including, but not limited to:

  • Web interface design and Heuristic evaluation
  • Design and evaluation of mobile communication devices (across all application types and carriers)
  • Design and evaluation of both stationary and mobile computers
  • Design and development of style guides and UI specifications for Web and mobile applications
  • Contextual analysis of systems
  • Usability testing
  • UAT, QA, and validation testing
  • Agile design

Specialties include:

  • User Experience Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Wireframes and Prototypes
  • Information Architecture 
  • Mobile Ux
  • Web Ux
  • ecommerce Ux
  • Software application Ux
  • Healthcare Ux
  • UI Specifications
  • UI Style Guides
  • Content Component Libraries (CCL)
  • Heuristic Guidelines
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Contextual analysis of systems
  • Persona development
  • Usability test planning and execution
  • Agile design environments
  • Responsive design
  • Accessibility
  • Points and Rewards
  • Gamification
  • Startups

Marvin received his Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Clemson University, focusing on the usability and audience of communication in all its forms, working closely with Dr. Tharon Howard. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES).


Hyatt Hotels
Feb 2017Present

Senior Interaction Designer (contract)

Working primarily on Hyatt's online booking flow for web in an agile design and development environment. Also designing for different aspects of the World of Hyatt member experience. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Ux product strategy in an agile environment.
  • Wireframes and prototyping.
  • User research planning and execution.
Oct 2014Feb 2017

Lead Interaction Designer (contract)

Worked on multiple projects across Humana’s digital properties including in an agile environment, and internal-facing applications.

Responsibilities included:

  • Digital strategy and concept creation in an agile environment.
  • Wireframes and prototyping.
  • User research planning.
Jan 2014Oct 2014

Product Lead (contract)

Worked with a digital healthcare startup dealing with chronic illness population management to:

  • Create business strategy and requirements and user experience design and strategy flows and wireframes.
  • Recruit visual designer and collaborated on visual design user experience approaches.
  • Recruit front-end, back-end, and mobile application developers and facilitate scheduling and activities.
  • Facilitate ongoing collaboration with founders and advisors.
Resource Interactive
Mar 2014Jun 2014

Sr User Experience Strategist (contract)

Worked with user experience team, creative, and business analysts to:

  • Develop a Ux strategy for a new capability dealing with reserve online, pickup in store.
  • Creat complete Ux wireframe specifications in Axure for the reserve online and pickup in store functionality.
Aug 2010Sep 2013

Sr User Experience Design Specialist/Digital Architect (contract)

Worked with user experience, creative, social media, business strategy, and marketing teams to:

  • Create and document an integrated application catering to a client's holiday clientele, assisting them in finding the perfect gift. 
  • Create and document an integrated application catering to a client's customers shopping for, sharing, and buying wedding rings. 
  • Create and document a new solution for a client’s gift registry experience. 
  • Research competitive and comparative as well as internal approaches to insurance agent's digital presence for use in future-vision solutions.
  • Develop promo- and micro-sites to support a client's various products and strategies.
  • Assist the client with one of the largest digital reconfigurations in history in a holistic manner supporting ongoing project maintenance, research, and design.
Colossal Squid Industries
May 2010Aug 2010

Sr User Experience Design Specialist (contract)

Worked with Digital Strategy team to:

  • Determine marketing and branding approaches.
  • Develop complete wireframe click-throughs for client’s web-based applications.
Pathfinder Development
Feb 2010May 2010

Sr User Experience Design (contract)

Worked in Agile design and development environment on:

  • Web UI for weather data visualization.
  • Web UI for innovative real estate ecommerce mortgage community.
  • iPhone and iPad UI for electronic medical records (EMR) management application.
  • iPad UI for punchlist application.
The Acquity Group
Nov 2009Feb 2010

Sr User Experience Consultant (contract)

Worked on digital strategy and user experience research and design for ecommerce clients of the Acquity Group, including Allstate Insurance and the Bradford Exchange.

Walgreen's ecommerce
Mar 2009Nov 2009

Sr User Experience Designer (contract)

Accomplishments include::

  • Leading UI design efforts, architecting and designing complex user interfaces associated with and its related applications - Including mobile Web and iPhone.
  • Working collaboratively with marketers and business managers, software and web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters.
  • Analyzing human factors including user objectives, needs, preferences, experiences, approaches and accessibility to the technology.
  • Delivering detailed user interface mockups and specifications that include information architecture, wireframe workflows, and page layouts.
  • Performing Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Business Validation Testing for new site rollout.
Feb 2008Mar 2009

Regional Director, Chicago

Established and managed regional office for HumanCentric in the Chicago area which involved:

  • Locating and procuring office space.
  • Negotiating aspects of lease agreement.
  • Configuring office space.
  • Selecting and purchasing office furnishings.
  • Configuring of information technologies.
  • Screening, interviewing and hiring of prospective employees.
  • Enculturating new employees into the company
  • Teaching work processes.
  • Leading business development efforts in conjuction with the home office.
  • Serving as program director for HumanCentric's majority client, Motorola Mobile Devices.
  • Serving as senior member of management impacting micro and macro policies across the organization.

Program Manager and Senior Ux Designer

Accomplishments for Intel:

  • Worked with Intel to develop a process by which to evaluate soft-interface Viiv Online Spotlight applications going forward.
  • Developed Usability Heuristic Checklist for evaluation of and subsequent testing and evaluation of Viiv applications which was presented at the Intel Developers Forum.
  • Evaluated dozens of Viiv Online Spotlight applications, summarized the results, and communicated them to software engineers around the world.

Accomplishments for Qualcomm:

Involved in the design and execution of the testing of two new MediaFLO Mobile TV and fantasy sports applications.

Accomplishments for Motorola Mobile Devices:

Managed HumanCentric's Motorola team which entailed mentoring and people development as well as closely assisting team members in understanding and developing features for developing mobile device applications.

  • Worked hands-on to complete style guide, screen definition documentation, layout requirements documentation, and UI wireframe and flow documents for an entire converged CDMA platform.
  • Monitored and contributed to the ongoing development of existing platforms across technologies in which UI wireframe flow documentation was completed for new features required by carriers.
  • Screened, interviewed, and hired recruits for the company.
  • Contributed to policies affecting the entire company.

Developed a thorough expertise of UI design of all types of Mobile handset device applications and related functionality. Application expertise applies to:

  • Mobile Browser (Application UI and downloading)
  • Calling
  • External Display (all aspects including Notifications, Quick Menu, Calling, Camera, Application transfer between CLI and Main Display)
  • Idle
  • Main Menu and Complete Menu structure
  • Messaging (all aspects of Messaging involving SMS, EMS, MMS, Unified Messaging, Email, IM)
  • Multimedia (File Manager and Databox (for DoCoMo) ('Pictures', 'Sounds', and 'Videos' folders and related functionality), Online Albums, Still Camera, Video Camera, Video and Still image editing)
  • Presence and LBS (Mapping and directions and related functionality)
  • Recent Calls/Call Logs
  • Settings (Personalize, Ring Styles, Manner Mode, Initial Settings, and all other general settings)
  • Sync (Bluetooth, Infrared)
  • Tools (Contacts, Calendar/Datebook, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Shortcuts)
  • Digital Content Distribution (Digital Rights Management and related topics)
  • Touch screen interactions.

Human Factors Specialist

Accomplishments for IBM:

  • Designed improvements to the IBM ThinkPad Website.
  • Redesigned sections of the IBM ThinkPad website to improved the experience of purchasing accessories for IBM ThinkPad mobile computers.
  • Improved the IBM ThinkPad Local Help interface.
  • Evaluated, developed and user tested Windows-based wizards and applications used by Thinkpad owners to configure features and functions and personalize their PCs.
  • Evaluated and redesigned the Out-of-Box Setup Guide for IBM ThinkPad computers.
  • Tested TrackPoint and Touchpad performance: : Designed and executed numerous competitive tests of pointing devices as well as External Keyboards during which qualitative and quantitative measures were gathered, analyzed, and reported. 

Accomplishments for Synaptics:

Synaptics Pointing Device Testing

Similar to IBM Trackpoint and Touchpad and External Keyboard testing, conducted competetive analysis comparing Synaptics pointing-device software to that of competitors. Measurements were qualitative and quantitative in nature and were analyzed and reported to the Synaptics team.

Accomplishments for Cisco:

Evaluated and redesigned the Cisco Case Open Tool (COT) to improve the experience of Cisco employees when reporting technical issues.

Accomplishments for Motorola Mobile Devices:

  • Worked with BenQ team and Motorola Technical Marketers in Taipei to improve the UI of a complete handset..
  • Served as sole UI designer for the E310 and V810 handsets developed by Appeal Telecomm in Seoul, South Korea. This involved working hands-on with developers and technical marketers to create compelling software and hardware solutions and coordinating development processes between Motorola, Appeal, and other organizations contributing to the products.
  • Also served as lead for Messaging UI design and designed first and the entire Motorola messaging suite (SMS, EMS, MMS, and Unified Messaging) working with Magic 4 in Manchester, UK.


UI Design Software Toolkit

Zeplin, Sketch, Axure, Adobe Suite


  • Allstate
  • State Farm
  • JC Penney
  • Bradford Exchange
  • Scott Towels
  • Humana
  • Hyatt
  • Walgreens ecommerce
  • CVS ecommerce
  • Motorola Mobile Devices
  • Samsung Design America
  • Openwave
  • Cisco
  • Airdat
  • Thinkpad
  • Intel Media PCs


International Experience

North America

Asia Pacific



Smith, Marvin. 2004. Digital Rights Management & Protecting the Digital Media Value Chain.

In Proceedings of the Conference for Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia.

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