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Merger & Acquisition Integration Turnarounds Fortune 500 Companies

High Growth Environments International Multi-Site Operations

Seasoned executive recognized for building high performance manufacturing and distribution businesses, and warehousing, sales, and purchasing teams that exceed the organization's deliverables.  Six Sigma Green Belt experience with focus on measurement, fact-based decision making, process definition and continuous improvement, lean methods, and clearly defined objectives.  Hold a Master of Business Administration degree, Pepperdine University.

Executive Performance Overview

  • TRIUMPH AEROSTRUCTURES-P&L for a major airframe assembly line.
  • SARGENT FLETCHER-Operated in a multi-national corporate structure; coordinated the Supply Chain logistics and strategic sourcing within North America (32 Operational Sites), U.K., Continental Europe, South Africa and Australia.
  • ANIXTER-Division achieved impressive net earnings growth 2003-2005 with earning before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) growing 61%. New supply chain network and logistics redesign resulted in decreased freight costs by 40%, increasing inventory turns by 40%, freeing up cash to support operations and growth of roughly 50%.
  • ASI-Standardized processes across warehouse operations and collapsed Quality systems for ISO certification across three (3) independent sales and warehousing operations. Sales grew $8.5 million (15%).
  • FAIRCHILD-Lead project that restructured North American sales function from manufacturing plant-site based sales groups to regional sales offices, and restructured sales systems reporting to support a multiple site environment that grew sales from $140 million to $180 million (28%).

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President - Hawthorne Site

Triumph - Aerostructures

Reports to the Commercial Division V.P.  Profit and Loss responsibility for Hawthorne site.  Manufactured major airframe structure, primarily fusalage panels, for commercial aircraft.  Annual revenue of ~ $300 million.  A 54 acre site,  1.5 million sq. ft., 850 employees. 


General Manager

Sargent Fletcher, Inc (a Cobham Company)

$3.0 BILLION U.K. based Aerospace and Defense conglomerate.  Sargent Fletcher - Aerial refueling and auxiliary mission equipment manufacturer

General Manager Profit and loss responsability for business unit performance.  Vice President - Supply Chain

Report to the President of the business unit as Operation / General Manager and provide strategic guidance across the entire corporation's set of supply chain leaders. Manage 140 people in manufacturing, facilities management, purchasing, inventory management..

  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Standardized processes and utilizing Lean concepts across manufacturing and testing operations. Obtained AS9100 certification.
  • GROWTH - Sales growth in 2006 to $56 million (15% over previous year), $65 million 2007, with sales of $69million in 2008 .
  • STRATEGY - Provided Divisional strategic direction on leveraged procurements across the entire Cobham family of companies.
  • M&A - Assisted in bringing acquisition candidates to the fore. Participated in due diligence with fact finding teams for acquisition preparation.
Feb 2006Aug 2007

Fairchild Fasteners Inc.

Manufacturer of aerospace fasteners and fittings.  Acquired by Alcoa in 1998.

Director - Distributor Sales and Marketing

Responsible for distribution sales for all Fairchild Fastener products.  Directed 2 sales managers and 27 people.

  • REORGANIZATION - Lead project to restructure North American Sales function from manufacturing plant-site based sales groups to regional sales offices. Restructured Sales systems reporting to support a multiple site environment.
  • GROWTH - Grew sales from $140 million to $180 million (28%).

Anixter Pentacon

A $125 million distributor of Aerospace hardware and components to original equipment manufacturers.

Vice President - Material (2002-2005)

Report to the President of the business unit and provide leadership for supply chain processes and drive execution of the Anixter Pentacon strategic purchasing and supplier contracts to support business strategy.  Managed 30 people in material planning, purchasing, supplier contracts, new program bid team, inventory management, and contract compliance through 5 direct reports.

  • STRATEGY - Defined and executed a new supply chain strategy to integrate the acquisition and guide the company to best practice supply chain performance on a global basis. Implemented lean, collaborative techniques to achieve growth and performance improvement.
  • PERFORMANCE METRICS - Provided day-to-day leadership to achieve operational goals and standards. Established standards and measures for performance and monitoring of delivery and quality performance of the supply chain that included: 98% or better order delivery to JIT customers, a 30% improvement in supplier quality ratings and improved reporting/regulatory compliance for ITAR, DFAR, and RoHS controls.
  • TEAM LEADERSHIP - Recruited several high performance employees into the organization. Built a high performance, high service purchasing team that improved response time to internal and external customers in procurement services.
  • STRATEGIC SOURCING - Drove a major change from "commodity purchasing" to "strategic alignments" and raised the performance level of supplier base; resulted in measurable improvements in total cost, availability of materials, and quality of materials.
  • OFFSHORE - Sourced, developed relationships, and engaged European supply solutions resulting in higher quality and lower costs.
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS - Provided strategic leadership to key customer relationships that included Pratt Canada, GE Engines, Boeing Satellite Systems, Lockheed, and Raytheon.
  • CONTRACTS - Conducted high level negotiations with senior executives of suppliers. Created new business opportunities through creative strategies with suppliers. Leveraged buying strength to contract long-term supply agreements for 50% of annual spend.
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Built a best in class operational discipline in the organization with well articulated processes, procedures, and metrics to guide the business, and with a six sigma mindset that pushed toward higher standards. Achieved a 30% improvement in inventory turns on a $100 million inventory.

Vice President - Operations/General Manager, Pentacon Aerospace (1998-2002)

A $120 million distributor of Aerospace hardware and components to original equipment manufacturers.(Purchased by Anixter.)

Reported to the President.  Provided leadership and proactive approach to the operational functions and enabled the organization to meet objectives in revenue, profitability, growth and quality.  Directed 110 people through 6 direct reports.

  • M&A INTEGRATION - Managed the integration of 4 newly acquired independent aerospace fastener distributors into one focused operational group. Pursuant to company strategy combined, closed, relocated warehouses and sales offices.
  • SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT - Converted legacy data from four computer systems while maintaining ISO certification, cycle count accuracy, and six sigma level shipment performance. Expanded the use of automated storage and retrieval carousels for more efficient pick/pack. Implemented a paperless, RF warehouse management system.
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Standardized process methods for sales, warehouse ops, and purchasing.
  • INTERNATIONAL - Opened forward-stocking warehouse operations in Montreal, Canada, and London, England.
  • BUSINESS RESULTS - Drastically reduced property, overhead, and employment costs.

Chief Operating Officer (ASI Aerospace Group) (1998)

A $75 million distributor of Aerospace hardware and components.  Acquired by Pentacon Aerospace in Sept 1998.

Responsible for all aspects of operations:  warehousing, quality, assembly/repair of aerospace galley equipment, and seating.

  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Standardized processes across warehouse operations. Prepared for and passed initial ISO certification audit.
  • SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT - collapsed IT systems across three (3) independent sales and warehousing operations.
  • GROWTH - Sales grew $8.5 million (15%).

Rohr Industries Inc.

Manufacturer of aerospace major assemblies, specializing in jet engine build-up, nacelles, and thrust reversers (now Goodrich Aerospace

Manager of Procurement and Material Services                                                                                                                            1990 - 1996

Manager of Material Operations and Support                                                                                                                                  1987 - 1990

Marketing Proposal Administrator                                                                                                                                                    1985 - 1987

Supervisor of Manufacturing Systems                                                                                                                                              1983 - 1985

Senior Manufacturing Systems Analyst                                                                                                                                                        1982

Functions reporting to the Procurement Manager position were:  planning, procurement, warehousing, and lean manufacturing initiative for the supply base. 

Headed major project to implement just-in-time (JIT) supply concept for a substantial portion of the procured materials for the company.

  • Designed and implemented one of the first full-service JIT programs in aerospace community.
  • Led cost reduction teams to eliminate direct labor and overhead costs totaling over $30 million.
  • Served in a leadership role in re-engineering the organization into three major commodity teams.
  • Trained and managed small group of process experts to implement lean initiatives with suppliers.
  • Outsourced many company services, including: source inspection, I.T., travel, managed car fleet.
  • Outsourced first-cut operations, major assembly work, sub-assembly machine shop work.
  • Part of executive management team to design and contract company co-generation plant on-site.
  • Led bid team in successful award of entire McDonald Douglas nacelle and trust reverser work.
  • Led bid team in successful award of all Airbus A319, A320, A340 engine build-up and nacelles.

Lockheed Company Inc.

Prime airframe and military weapons systems contractor.

Manufacturing Systems and Procedures Analyst

Held management rotation assignments in manufacturing - machining, sheet metal fabrication, electrical assembly, major assembly and warehousing.