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Im a passionate developer who's been involved with computers my whole life. Website development is more than a career for me, it's a hobby and something I'm always trying to better myself at.

After working in Agile environments with opinionated developers, test-focussed development and constant code reviews for the past 5 years I've been able to learn, develop and reinforce my skills in a way which I would never have been able to do alone. I'm happiest working in teams and will always put my hand up to help out even if tasks are challenging.

I'm quality focussed and passionate about writing clean code whilst always being passionate about delivering websites and keeping my eye on the end goal. In the last few years I've had the honour of contributing to the Drupal open source community and presenting talks in London, Melbourne and The Philippines. 

Work experience


Senior Contract Drupal & Front-end Developer

News Corp Australia
  • Worked as a senior developer in a project team to migrate Business Spectator to the News Corp Australia subscription system and merge with The Australian.
  • Worked as a senior developer in a project team to create a new startup superannuation platform 'Brightday'.
  • Developed front-end and back-end components on a daily basis, with automated testing and quality as a focus.
  • Performed back-end and front-end optimisation on a regular basis.
  • Consulted regularly with the business on UX strategies and worked with the CTO and Business Analyst to improve features beyond the scope of tasks laid out in prioritisation meetings.

Freelance Full-Stack developer

Engineers Without Borders Australia
  • Scoped and built for students in Australia and the UK participating in the yearly Engineers Without Borders challenge.
  • The site has over 1000 highly active users and has helped more and more engineering students worldwide get involved in projects that help make a positive impact on the world.
  • Integrated site with Google Site Search (GSS) including meta-tag based filtering of search results.

Contract Drupal Developer

Fidget Friend / Australian prostate cancer research association
  • Developed a bookings system and sub site for a new project funded by the Australian Prostate Cancer Research organisation.
  • Worked alongside 3 developers at Inspire 9 studios in Richmond primarily doing Drupal 7 module development and deployment.

Contract Website developer

  • Worked as a full stack developer on several high quality Drupal projects.
  • Created and deployed migration scripts for projects using Migration API.
  • Developed a custom installation profile for a client to deploy a high number of Drupal sites with customisable theme settings (including using the color module).
  • Built engaging Search API based website components with facet filtering.

Senior Drupal & Front-end Developer

Department of Justice - Victorian Government Solicitors Office

Between 2012 and 2013 I was contracted by the Victorian Government Solicitor’s office to upgrade and redesign their Drupal website and Intranet. Working alongside the IT department, I worked in-house at their Collins st offices for 12 weeks as the sole web developer on the project. 

  • Set up a Linux web server with GIT staging and live branches, Memcached and Apache SOLR.
  • Upgraded a Drupal site from 6 to 7, migrating content and users.
  • Redeveloped Drupal 6 custom modules (and removed some in favor of contrib alternatives).
  • Designed and deployed the website on schedule and without any issues.
  • Created a Drupal powered Intranet that synchronized LDAP users from the Active Directory server giving everybody automatic login using their regular VGSO usernames and passwords.


Contract Drupal & Front-end Developer

Catch Digital (LONDON)

During my 18 months as a contractor at Catch Digital I worked on a variety of Drupal projects both in-house and out of office for high profile UK clients. I also took pride in taking time out during the day to teach junior developers Drupal skills and best practice procedures.

  • Built and maintained several Drupal and Wordpress projects.
  • Consulted with accessibility experts on developing AJAX websites to a AA standard.
  • Built and maintained Facebook Apps in Drupal.
  • Consulted with other developers in the office on a wide variety of projects.
  • Launched sites in multiple languages with a strong focus on responsive development.
  • Did multistage deployments to Windows IIS and Linux servers using VM’s, GIT and SSH.
  • Performed SQL optimization and optimized Drupal caching on existing sites experiencing high loads.

Clients included Scope, Prime Focus, Winsor & Newton, Bounty, Christian Aid, Huntress Group, Barworks and Rimmel.


Contract Web Developer

TMW (London)

In between major contracts I worked with a contact I had at TMW to deliver a high-impact microsite to promote Lynx’s attract product series.

  • Built a Wordpress site from provided design for Lynx promotion.
  • Integrated Facebook, Flickr and Twitter API’s to create a social media stream.
  • Delivered on time, on budget, mobile optimised and tested.

Freelance Drupal developer

Cecile Park Conferences (London)
  • Designed and build a Drupal 7 powered website that would allow office staff to create conference microsites in-house without having to hire a developer each time.

Web Developer

The Crocodile Integrated Marketing Agency (London)
My position at the Crocodile was my first position in London and gave me a great chance to gain exposure with UK clients and the fast paced European agency environment. Many campaigns had to be translated in 5 - 6 languages which gave me a deep insight into the difficulties of translating copy whilst maintaining design and structure. After leaving my permanent position at The Crocodile I continued to work as a contract developer for them and, whenever I'm in London, still have beers with my old workmates.
  • Configured, themed, extended and deployed websites on a variety of CMS platforms including Drupal, Wordpress and Expression Engine.
  • Designed and built sites and email campaigns for high profile US and European business-to-business clients.
  • Developed Flash micro-sites and jQuery widgets.


In-house Web Developer

Contemporary Arts Media (Melbourne)

In Australia, and throughout my TAFE course, I held a position as an in-house web developer at Contemporary Arts Media, an independent educational film production and distribution company.

  • Designed and built online campaigns.
  • Worked in-house in collaboration with a back-end developer to deliver and maintain an e-commerce site.
  • Designed widgets for use on the site.
  • Designed and built interactive banners and micro-sites for product launches.



Acquia Certified Drupal Developer


Achieved 91% in the Acquia Certified Drupal Developer exam


Advanced Diploma Of Multimedia

RMIT University
  • Completed studies in Multimedia (A.D.O.M.) whilst working part-time as a web developer
  • Received an award for Best Interactive Work.
  • Achieved a distinction average throughout.


Being primarily a Drupal developer I've recently focused more on contributing back to the community through issue queues, sandbox modules and getting involved in conferences.

I've given talks at Drupal meetups in Melbourne and given a talk in The Philippines Drupal meetup in 2015.

The projects I've created and currently maintain are:

You can see more about my Drupal community involvement at



  • Specialist for the past 5 years.
  • Involved in conferences, given talks at meet-ups.
  • Published modules.
  • Patched issues in existing high profile modules.


  • Worked in Agile work places doing regular morning standups.
  • Worked within an agile board, doing feature driven development with testing.


  • Backbone: Created custom components for News LTD that are regularly used by staff to perform inline updating of content.
  • Angular: Created prototypes for clients, used at Battlehack for an Ionic project.
  • jQuery: A regular part of my arsenal.


  • Used extensively when developing Drupal modules with both procedural and object-oriented patterns.
  • Explored PSR-4 and OOP in Drupal-8 modules that I've recently developed.
  • Experimented with frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel.


  • Cross-functional developer. who regularly uses both back-end and front-end skills.
  • Used SASS heavily.
  • Used LESS in Bootstrap powered projects.
  • Ported sites to HTML5 with a focus on semantic, accessible elements.


  • Designed and built iOS app for finding Facebook photos from you and your friends albums by tag.
  • Approved by App store in 2014.
  • Facebook discontinued Graph API 1.0 in favour of a more privacy centred version which effectively stopped the app from being functional.


  • Created an Android app using JAVA and Android Studio for mobile.
  • App is now non-functional due to new privacy updates in Graph 2.0.


  • Non destructive editing techniques using masks and smart objects.
  • User of transformation, typography and layer masking tools.
  • Slice based output.
  • Some design experience.


I'm happy to provide references if needed. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]