Work experience


Sep 2014 - Present

Happiness and Empowerment Coordinator

Quick and global thinking, pragmatism and positivity are essential in leading a successful and efficient team.


Mar 2015 - Present

Lead Barista

Buenos Aires City Legislature

Oct 2013 - Dec 2014

External Consultant in Environmental Issues

Recognized by my environmental knowledge and global thinking capacity, I was entrusted to the drafting of environmental bills, being consultant in specific environmental issues.

Buenos AIres City Government

Feb 2013 - Nov 2013

Environmental Awareness Leader - Public Speaker

Due to my leadership capacity and my knowledge in sustainable development, I was entrusted to be in charge of spreading and instructing citizens about the City Government's Green City program. I interacted with neighbors, companies and NGOs in order to raise awareness about both environmental issues and their possible solutions. I also led awareness activities in: companies, public institutions, NGOs, primary and secondary public schools as well as universities. Driven by my public speaking skills I trained small and large audiences.

Dor Jadash Community

Jan 2010 - Jun 2011

Non Formal Educator - Leader

Inspiring leadership by the making and planning of educational activities for kids and teenagers through a solid teamwork.



Friends of the Earth - Open College Network

Jun 2015 - Present

Climate Organiser

Campaign Organisers Programme with focus on the global campaign against Climate Change. The Programme is up to help to organise communities for local climate change action as well as suppport organisers to mobilise for major national actions such as a mass lobby of Parliament in the summer and a global week of action in the autumn, ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris this winter.

Amazon Summer School for Sustainable Leaders

Jul 2014 - Aug 2014

Sustainable Leader

The Amazon Summer School 2014 took place in Manaus and in four other Amazon riverside communities  located in the Sustainable Development Reserve of Rio  Negro. Between 21 July and 1 August 2014, thirteen  participants from eight countries were brought together training in sustainability, cultural exchange and engagement with the wildlife and local communities.The selection of the participants was base  on each person's their track record of service,  intellectual curiosity and respect for Earth and life, in all its diversity.


  • AG 2015 - PRESENT : This Changes Everything UK. Climate Justice organisation. 
  • JUN 2015 - PRESENT : Movimiento Jaguar Despierto. Latin American movement based in London. Human Rights.
  • OCT 2014 - DEC 2014: TECHO. Building future in slums one house at a time.
  • SEPT 2014  - DEC 2014: Energizar Foundation. Human Rights and Renewable Energy.
  • JUN 2014 - AG 2014: Amazon Summer School for Sustainable Leaders. Spanish, guitar and drawing sessions for kids  and teenagers.


JUL 2014: Admitted into the inaugural MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.  Massachussets Institute of Technology.

MAY 2014:  Team special mention in Data visualization - BA Hackaton. Buenos Aires City Government.



MIT - EdX.org

2014 - 2014

Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?

Columbia University - Coursera.org 

2014 - 2014

The Age of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

2014 - 2014

Climate Change Science and Negotiations

University of Edinburgh - Coursera.org

2013 - 2013

Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

University of London - Coursera.org

2013 - 2013

The Camera Never Lies

Harvard University - EdX.org

2013 - 2013



Cliamte Organisers Programme