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Texas Tech

UTD at Richardson


Martin C. Reamy—native Texan and lifelong Texas resident—has pursued his passion for nature throughout his life. He has studied horticulture, business, and law at numerous colleges in the state, including Texas Tech and Richland College. In 1980, Martin Reamy utilized his education and experience to found ecological planning and design company M.C.R. Environmental Services, Inc. Martin Reamy is the President M.C.R. Environmental Services, Inc. M.C.R. Environmental Services specializes in residential and commercial site planning. Martin Reamy possesses more than 25 years of experience in the industry, and his company is extensively skilled and highly recommended by clients throughout the United States. M.C.R. Environmental Services offers a comprehensive set of operations, including consultation, landscape/irrigation installation, and property maintenance. Martin Reamy demonstrates his dedication to nature personally as well as professionally as a member of Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy. Martin Reamy is also a proud sponsor of The Carter Center and St. Jude Children's Hospital. In his free time, Martin Reamy is a triathlete and running enthusiast and enjoys participating in area triathlons and charitable running events.


St. Judes Chidrens Hospital, Nature Conservancy Sierra Club, Texas Real Estate Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Agriculture Department