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Martin Moshal, the Founder of the Moshal Scholarship Program, has been quoted as saying that “education is the most effective route out of poverty.” With the aim of opening this route to financially challenged students, he founded the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2009. Today, more than 250 students have been awarded full scholarships for a practical degree at a number of colleges and universities in South Africa and Israel. Among the participating universities are leading institutions such as the University of Pretoria and Rhodes University in South Africa, and Bar Ilan University and Machon Lev though the Kemah Foundation in Israel.

Criteria for the Scholarships are competitive, but those who succeed are able to devote themselves fully to their studies with all tuition fees, text books and living costs covered by the Scholarship. The Program embodies the Founder’s vision that study empowers young people to become leaders and role models, and that their success will change the lives of others along the way, having an impact on their families and their communities. The Program expects Moshal Scholars to dedicate themselves to their studies and to strive for high grades. The only other requirement is that the Moshal Scholars become involved in community activities from the second year onwards. This can either be through a university community outreach program, such as the Perach tutoring program, or any other approved community program chosen by the student, such as volunteer work at a local community center.

Who is Martin Moshal behind the Moshal Scholarship Program? Martin Moshal was born in the South African city of Durban in 1970. Martin Moshal studied at the University of Cape Town, majoring in several subjects including finance and business administration. He is also board certified in a number of finance-related  qualifications. Martin Moshal regarded his time at university as the time to learn as much as he could in as many fields as possible. He firmly believes that one of the keys to success is a good education and that this, together with a supportive family network that encouraged him to believe in himself, played a major role in his subsequent success.

Martin Moshal has been, and remains, active in several areas of business. Some of his earlier ventures were in software-related businesses. Today he focuses mainly on consulting and venture capital, with activities in real estate and start-up companies.

During Moshal’s formative years in South Africa, the education system there was largely characterized by inequality. This was a major reason for setting up the Scholarship.

And what does Martin Moshal expect in return? The Moshal Scholarship Program expects its Scholars to strive for excellence, to succeed in the career of their choice, and to go on to help others less fortunate than themselves.

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