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Work Samples

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Doctoral Researcher

University of Birmingham
  • Further demonstrated exceptional data acquisition and analytical skills with a proven ability to achieve and publish results.
  • Developed exceptional written and oral communication skills.
    • Successfully published in the scientific literature.
    • Accepted for oral presentation at international conferences and successfully pitched our research to potential industrial partners.
    • Assisted supervised students in composing written work, offering advice on style and general SPAG.
  • Further improved my project and time management skills.
    • Designed and qualitatively assessed a group research project.
    • Managed several projects (both my own and supervised students) concurrently.
  • Active member of my research group, demonstrating outstanding team working skills.
    • Collaborated with colleagues on characterisation experiments, seamlessly transferring data and analytical expertise via Dropbox.
    • Supervised multiple individual research projects, acting as first point of contact for the project assessor and responsible for reporting on progress.
    • Supervised and qualitatively assessed small group research projects, ensuring adherence to strict deadlines.
  • Actively engaged in professional networking, developing a strong online presence for both myself and my research group

Reason for Leaving: Insufficient room for upward movement, seeking a career change.

Jun 2010Sep 2010

Dealing Service Assistant

Halifax Share Dealing

Recruited to handle an expected increase in call volumes due to an upgrade to customer’s online share dealing portal, in addition to general share dealing calls.

  • Further developed my excellent customer service skills in a fast moving work environment.
  • Learnt to quickly assess customer’s technical expertise when offering technical assistance with a newly designed customer-facing website.
  • Well experienced in general account maintenance, and the use of in-house software (largely VBA).

Reason for Leaving: Relocation to the University of Birmingham.

Sep 2009Sep 2010


University of Leeds

Subwardens reside in undergraduate accommodation and act as part of the pastoral care system for first year students.

  • Developed a professional and personal relationship with the students under my supervision.
  • Worked with a team of wardens and subwardens to organise social activities for the students.
  • Developed exceptional communication and organisational skills from chairing and minuting weekly group meetings.

Reason for Leaving: Relocation to the University of Birmingham.

Jul 2009Sep 2009

Summer Research Placement

University of Leeds

Competitive paid research placement at my Undergraduate University.

  • Developed skills in project management.
  • Learnt to take responsibility for independent and collaborative projects.

Reason for Leaving: End of Placement.

Jun 2008Nov 2008

Dealing Service Assistant

Halifax Share Dealing

Recruited to handle an expected increase in call volumes due to the ongoing HBOS Rights Issue; a highly technical Market operation that required action from all shareholders.

  • Developed excellent customer service skills in a fast moving and stressful work environment (my employment coincided with the Market Crash of 2008).
  • Matured my oral communication skills through explaining the Rights Issue to customers with very little Market experience.
  • Developed skills in general account maintenance, and the use of bespoke software (largely VBA).
  • Developed in-depth knowledge of the Stock Market and Stock Brokering.

Reason for Leaving: University commitments.

Published Research


Sep 2006Jul 2010


University of Leeds
Sep 2006Jul 2010

BSc (Hon.) 2.1

University of Leeds
  • Specialised in Biophysics and Thin Films & Interfaces, in addition to; photonics, solid state physics and advanced mathematical methods.
  • Developed exceptional numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Core and specialised modules requiring complex analytical skills.

My Experience Chart


I am looking for fulltime employment with the ability to develop a challenging and rewarding career; I'm willing to relocate anywhere in England or Wales.

Skills and Experience

- Analytical Writing (2yrs)

- Analytical/Research Skills (3yrs)

- Attention to detail (3yrs)

- C++ Coding (2yrs)

- Customer Care (1yr)

- Database Design/Use (3yrs)

- Event Organisation (1yr)

- HTML Coding (2yrs)

- Mathematical Analysis (6yrs)

- Oral/Written Communication (6yrs)

- Project Design (3yrs)

- Project Supervision (2yrs)

- Reporting Research Results (2yrs)

- Research and Data Analysis (3yrs)

- Scientific Research (4yrs)


My leisure time is largely spent consuming internet content, particularly the latest developments in the technology community and world affairs. Halifax Share Dealing cultured an interest in share dealing that I haven’t been able to shake and so regularly invest where the Market allows. My fiancée and I enjoy walks in the country and have a penchant for tea rooms that the share dealing helps fund. Otherwise, we enjoy comedy and documentaries on the TV, and I enjoy science fiction films and dystopic novels.


Physics graduate from the University of Leeds, currently studying as a Doctoral Researcher in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Birmingham. I have diverse and advanced skills in Project Design, Management, Supervision and Completion with a proven ability to achieve and communicate my results effectively; as demonstrated by my varied publication list. My supervisory experience includes oversight of multiple independent research project, in addition to the design and qualitative assessment of a group research project. Throughout my research career and varied work placements I have demonstrated exceptional team working and consultancy-type skills. 

Laboratory, Scientific and Mathematical Skills

Scientific/Laboratory Expertise

  • Built a rudimentary model to predict ternary phase diagrams from a small data set.
  • BCA Assay (automated and manual)
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, EDS; TEM, EDX).
  • Magnetometry (VSM)
  • Physiochemical (porosity, pycnometery, rheology, XRD, XRF, zeta potential) and spectroscopic (confocal fluorescence microscopy, and FTIR) analyses.
  • Wet chemical laboratory processes (precipitation).

Scientific and Mathematical Knowledge

  • Complex Fluids and Biophysics: physical generalisations of biomolecules (membranes and polymers) and bioactivity processes, Monte Carlo simulations, phase transitions and diagrams, and self-assembly.
  • Magnetic Materials: the origin of ferromagnetism (exchange, anisotropy and magnetostatic energy), magnetic films (GMR, anti-ferromagnetism, and magnetic tunnel junctions), magnetometry (VSM and SQUID)
  • Mathematical Methods: Bayesian statistics, Central Limit Theory, Fourier Transforms, Dirac's Delta Function, statistical tests, and integration in the complex plane (Residue Theorem and singularities).
  • Solid State Physics: Semiconductors (properties, applications), Fermi surfaces and band gaps (properties and applications), Superconductivity (GBL and BCS Theory; Type 1 and 2 Superconductors; the Josephson Effect, Junctions and SQUIDS), Spin-dependent components (spin batteries and entanglement tests), and crystallography.
  • Photonics: LASERs, photonic band gaps, optical modulation (electroptic, magnetoptic and acoustic), optical tweezers, non-linear optics, and the Mach–Zehnder interferometer.
  • Quantum Mechanics: the Schrödinger equation, separation of variables method, the variational method, charged particles in magnetic fields, perturbation theory, and matrix formalism.