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I am gifted with an understanding and loving wife along with 3 fantastic children. I enjoy taking them all camping, walking and generally spending time with them.


I am interested in crime and thriller novels which allow me a short holiday from reality and a rollercoaster ride into fiction.

As mentioned earlier I have a passion for people and areas of psychology (usually modern methods). Authors/speakers such as Anthony Robbins and Stephen R. Covey offer amazing advancements in personal understanding and development which I find fascinating.


Although I'm no athlete I do enjoy running and staying fit. Bikes are a love of mine since a child and whether I'm adventuring on a hillside with a mountain bike or racing along a road I find freedom in this simple hobby.


I love the different cultures found around the world and travel is an opportunity to digest lives past and present of others which I find captivating.

Personal Introduction

During my life I have always found that my objectives and goals are fixed however, my route is constantly adapting to whatever directional shunts I may receive on the way.

Being flexible to achieve the right outcome, whatever it may be, is one of the most important aspects of being successful for me and one I find brings success for both parties.

Important professional ideals to for me would include:-

  • Confidence - based on knowledge and understanding
  • Enthusiasm - which sells itself and combined with confidence is a winning partnership
  • Preparation - physically and mentally
  • Evaluation - comprised of questions I consistently ask myself:-
  1. Did I do enough towards my objective or goal as it needed?
  2. What were the good points about today?
  3. What were the bad points about today?
  4. What do i need to do to make sure I'm more effective tomorrow?

For the future I have one distinct ambition, to bring out the best in people through negotiating successes where both sides are winners. Where there is a loser there is bitterness which benefits nobody.

Work experience

Aug 2001Present


M.G. Consultants

M.G. Consultants is a consultancy based company which I formed back in 2002.

During 2001 / 02 there was a surge of interest from UK companies to outsource various projects to offshore organisations. I saw an opportunity to represent these businesses as their offshore face within technical and operational areas, consistently managing relations and expectations while providing solutions for companies to adopt to cover themselves in terms of brand, quality, consistency and control monitoring.

I have focused my consultancies through various intermediary organisations such as Product Direct Ltd, Big City Group and Teleprospects Ltd.

Working through the above companies enabled me to work directly with organisations in Dubai (Emirates Bank), Philippines, Canada, U.S.(Insurance sector), Caribbean, Mauritius (Rogers Group), Kenya (Kencall) but mostly India (NIIT Smartserve, Spanco Systems and many more).

In the UK I have represented companies such as Toucan Telecom, The Caudwell Group, Universal Provident, Friends Provident, Betterware, Purple Loans (now Promise Finance), T-Mobile and Fone Logistics.

Projects have varied from Life Insurance to Mortgage Renewals, from Data Imaging to Legal Process Outsourcing, Business Mobile services to Broadband, Medical Subscriptions to Private Medical Insurance.

The core focus for all companies I have represented is that the quality of their business brand and business process is to remain constant or be enhanced by the outsourcing opportunity.

My role included being responsible for a smooth migration strategy, to transition the process and monitor the entire work from concept to completion.

This led me into developing many other areas of expertise such as:-

  • Mentoring
  • Skills training
  • Client management
  • Motivational training
  • Business enhancement documenting
Mar 1999Jul 2001

Regional Sales Manager

Comtec Business Systems

Comtec Business Systems is a strategic business partner for Samsung Telecommunications in the UK and one of the few companies to have achieved national success for Samsung through exclusive dealer agreements.

I started with Comtec as a Senior Sales Manager and swiftly progressed. Within 6 months I was responsible for managing a number of National Accounts and it was decided that I was to head the opening of a new regional office to extend their already wide coverage.

From the new Regional office, based in Billingham, I employed a direct sales team and a growing telesales department. Alongside this we showcased new product launches through an interactive showroom where existing and potential clients could visit and observe demonstrations of new equipment for their offices.

Once this site was established I was offered further opportunities to grow within the business. However, I had a longing to develop a consultancy business to interact with a changing spectrum of marketplaces and this is where I took the step to branch out on my own venture of M.G. Consultants.

Feb 1997Apr 1999

Senior Sales Executive

Odyssey Systems Limited

Odyssey Systems is a forward thinking company who has maintained a long term business alliance with LG Communications to supply their business telephone systems to UK companies.

My role, as a Senior Sales Exec was to attend appointments which had been created for my by the telesales department and promote LG's products.

Customers contracted by me would then have their existing telecommunications replaced with an enhanced version provided by LG and installed by Odyssey Systems.

In addition to hardware sales I negotiated business for local and long distance telephone call contracts. This was a revenue based business which soon exceeded the sales of hardware in terms of the residual income gained which has allowed Odyssey Systems to continue to grow year on year.

My reason for leaving was due to advanced opportunities offered from companies in the same arena who also covered enhanced services for the business customer. Therefore opportunities combined with growth potential encouraged me towards competitors.


Sep 1978Jun 1983

Our Lady & St Bede School

I attended OLSB and gained GCE's in the following subjects:-

  • Mathematics - Grade A
  • Music - Grade A
  • English Language - Grade B
  • English Literature - Grade C
  • English Oral - Grade B
  • Physics Grade B
  • Technical Drawing - Grade B
  • Geography - Grade B
  • History - Grade C

Secondary school was a very enjoyable experience for me where I gained not only educational skills but also social and life skills which created a strong foundation for my future.


Motivation Mentoring
As well as a skill I have a passion for guiding people to where they desire to be.   I have a self-developed sense of motivation which I have been able to bring into each corner of my work which not only brings out the best results in me but also those around me.   For example:- a simple explanation of how one negative thought is actually a positive one in disguise has brought me many rewards personally and professionally and a skill I have a deep desire to develop further.   Almost everyone has the tools to achieve what they desire but seldom use them. Instead they find themselves complaining that life has not been good to them or they wish they were as LUCKY as some other people.   It's easy to be negative but so much more rewarding to be positive. Is it fear of failure that stops them or is it fear of success?
Managent of Area Managers
I was responsible for managing a team of Area Managers based in India. Each was located within the commercial area in which the offshore business was situated.   Operational and commercial updates would be passed to these managers who would then visit the business partner and implement the changes or updates.   My expertise was required to ensure that the flow of information was correctly documented and transferred to ensure that minimum of disruption occurred during the updates.   Reporting through electronic mechanisms plus regular calibration sessions was conducted to keep standards within client expectations.   This was a key area to monitor their monitoring of trends and what actions they took to remedy situations which had a potential to cause short or long term issues.
Process Migration and Process Training
An area which requires attention to detail is to understand each element of a working business model and being able to map a process to enable that same process to be documented and implemented in an offshore location correctly.   I have been involved in creating process documents to correctly replicate a business process with a graduated scale of implementation to ensure that systems, monitoring and reporting is tested and correct before 100% launch happens.   Accuracy to detail and involvement with many different areas of the business is required to ensure a complete education has been obtained.   Following this it was essential to be involved with the hands-on training to impart the much needed experience to the offshore workers.
Senior Business Development
Business Development has been the underlying foundation of my work for many years.   I have been fortunate enough to be involved with not only direct approach where it would involve one to one negotiations and closing towards an agreement but also to multiple pronged approach alongside a team of colleagues specialising in a specific sector. This would give potential businesses the comfort factor to place their business while being confident with it being looked after equally if not better than they would look after it themselves.   Successful Business Development not only relies on good communication and negotiation but solid back up from working examples to supporting information.   This is a area of business which relies strongly on excellent preparation with a sound prepared knowledge of the working practices along with flexible negotiation skills.   This is a very rewarding area of work.
Client Manager
Over the last 6 years the main area of my consultancy my consultancy has involved multiple levels of client management to sure consistent working practices and maintaining continuity of brand.   Due to the type of outsourcing work I was involved in I was responsible for the UK interaction but also needing to liaise with the offshore business owners to ensure expectations were managed for both sides.   Effective management would involve regular face to face strategic meetings along with consistent telephone and email contact including conference bridges.   Travel to both UK and offshore locations were critical to ensure that business continuity was maintained and the highest levels of standards were obtained.   This is a role which requires excellent organisational skills coupled with the ability to know what to disclose, how and when.