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Martin Daskalov

PHP (Laravel) developer


I am a PHP developer living in Liverpool, England. I became interested in PHP from a young age and have always worked with computers in my professional career. Coming from a background in IT has helped me as a developer as I have been able to setup my own web servers and develop my problem solving skills. I have been working with PHP code since the age of 12 and professionally since the age of 22. I’m easy to work with, fitting quickly into small teams and large version controlled projects. And the most important thing for me is that I love working in the IT area and I know that I can improve myself a lot. I would like to develop my career in this area and I know that I will do my job with love and dedication.


PHP ( Laravel ) MVC Framework using Eloquent ORM, pure MySQL with prepared statements(for good protection), RESTful Resource Controllers(for strict MVC style coding), Named Routes(for better user interface),  jQuery Javascript, Google Maps API Integration, Ajax SearchController, Excel API integration, Pusher integration, Laravel Echo integration for live respondings. Using Laravel 4.2-5.6 and VueJS 2.0 I have created a several fully working systems ready for production.

British cycling is a community site build on Laravel 5.3My  responsibilities  for the client  were to maintain the code, scope a new work, improve the functionality, and implementing many new features. Its using PHP 7.1, MySQL, RequireJs, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Playmaker is a collection of Drupal modules, a core that can be pulled into any Drupal site to enable football type features. Project that I have been involved to maintain and improve the functionality.Scoping new work and implementing a better solution to the given code.

AskViv is a Drupal 8 project build as a platform where you can ask anonymously questions. Project that helped me improving my management skills by providing a testing environment along with the live site, following Git Flow, extending and creating a custom theme, implementing custom modules and extending/patching already existing.

Group projects
 based on many Content Management Systems ( CMS ) improving my skills with reading, editing and using code that it is meant to be used as a global working system in the web. Improving myself with writing readable and clean code that others can use without a problem. This required good communication between team members to ensure all work was accomplished within the specification.

Individual project which was based on my experience with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I created a working system /prototype of facebook/ with registration, login, posting news, deleting, adding friends, chatting and many other options.

Managing my own working site in web which was Pay to Click system giving a people chance to earn money from web. Improving myself in working with customers and dealing with situations to achieve deadlines.

Administrating a wordpress website. Installing and managing wordpress plugins and themes, page formatting and editing. Edit core WordPress files by extending the given tools.

Smart ChatBot is an application using several databases to combine and reflect the information. Using Laravel 5.3 and VueJS 2. The application is in production and extendable. Facebook integration.

Computing Skills

  • Programming Languages and Technical skills:  HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL , JavaScript, jQuerry, VueJS, Ajax, Bootstrap, Git, Nginx, Apache, Vagrant, Ant, PHPUnit testing integration.
  • Strong knowledge of: Laravel 4.2-5.6 development, VueJS 2, Bootstrap framework CSS, WordPress, Drupal 8.
  • Applications and tools: Photoshop, MS Office, AutoCAD, XAMPP, Dev C++, NetBeans, PHPStorm 2017.1, iTerm.
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Android, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Slax, MacOS
  • I can install software and operating systems, I can easily study and work with any software. I can build a computer and connect different hardware in a working computer.

Other Skills


Adaptable and quick to learn new skills.

Organisational skills

Strong organisational skills in a variety of situations to achieve deadlines.

Working in teams

I have a good understanding of the importance of teamwork, and in communicating information to the relevant people. I am able to give help and assistance to colleagues, and I am always trying to do my very best in any task that I am given.

Learning and working fast when it is required

In previous jobs I was required to work very fast to achieve deadlines, and this did not cause me any problem. Despite the pressure I was able to cover the work required without making mistakes, due to my good work discipline and a good command of quality control processes.

Good communication

Good communication skills gained through my experience whilst working in computer shop.

Work experience

May 2017Jun 2018

Back-End PHP Developer

Reading Room - IDOX

Position that improved my team working skills, working in a big teams, following approved standards and a lot more. Learned to work with Drupal and how to create/extend modules.

Nov 2016May 2017

Full Stack Developer - Freelancer


Smart chat bot that improved me to think outside the box and extend my Laravel skills to a new level. Using a Pusher as broadcaster and extending it for a live events with VueJS 2, using Algolia and extend it with WIT integration gave the flexibility for the chat to grow and teach itself.

Nov 2015Feb 2016

Front-End and Back-End Developer Administrator

Geochem Research LTD

Working on a PHP project using the Laravel framework (5.1) building hight level of protection of the private information for combining OIL companies data in one.

Apr 2011Jul 2011

IT worker

Millenium Computer

I learned about working with different computers and fixing software and hardware problems. I also experienced working with customers.


Sep 2012Jul 2014

Computer Engineer

Technical University

It gave me a strong and good foundation of knowledge about computer science.