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Martin Penkov

MS E-Business and E-Government, Sofia University

Work History

March 2016now

SharePoint Developer

BulPros Consulting

I continued working with HahnAir in my next project. It is also a legacy SharePoint farm solution that required certain modifications and bug fixes. Then I stared a new SharePoint farm solution for HahnAir. It have several custom lists, content types, and custom views for the HahnAir departments. The solution allowed the different departments to have their custom page and to track their activity independently from the other departments.

Oct 2015Feb 2016

Junior SharePoint Developer

BulPros Consulting

My first real project in the company was a small POC project where I implemented a CSOM provisioning application  for the project. All the lists, content types and fields were automatically deployed with the application. Then I  supported a legacy SharePoint farm solution - HahnAir. The solution provided a basing management functionality for the divisions in HahnAir. I Implemented a new highly customized calendar list with custom javascript drawn views for the travel schedules of the HahnAir employees. 

Jul 2015Sep 2015

SharePoint Developer Trainee

BulPros Consulting

Bulpros is a big company with a lot of products and services. I joined the company as a SharePoint Trainee - at first I was watching training videos about SharePoint and I was doing SharePoint training exercises.

Jan 2014Jun 2015

.NET Software Developer


VitoshaSoft is a small company with its HQ in San Francisco and the development team in Sofia. I was the second .NET developer that joined the company. The development process was very different from that in Telerik. This helped me realize why the good practices are to be followed.
I worked on PointServ - an ASP Web Forms application for the American mortgage industry. With our application the borrowers could provide the document required for their mortgage from their phone. The user only has to provide credentials for their document provider (for example and PointServ will automatically login into the website, download the documents as PDFs, parse the PDF files and provide user friendly information for the loan agents. Several types of documents (tax returns, pay-stubs, utility bills...) and several providers are supported by the system. The documents are downloaded by simulating the user actions using raw .NET web requests. That was really difficult for sites with a lot of JavaScript. For them CasperJS ( was used for the user interaction simulation. For the parsing of the PDFs was used - ABC PDF ( There was no ORM in the project so we relied on stored procedures and ADO.NET. Then I worked on PointCert - a separate solution which enabled the user to certify where he lives, where he had worked, etc... . The idea is almost the same as for PointServ so we extracted the common logic in a separate SOAP service. Then I helped with the refactoring and performance optimization of an existing ASP MVC website - again tool for the mortgage business.

Nov 2012Nov 2013

Junior .NET Software Developer


In Telerik I was part of the Platform team. A great team of hardcore developers that worked on the company infrastructure. I was the only junior software developer in the team and I managed to learn a lot there - TDD, SOLID, some design patterns, CI, SCRUM...
At first I was developing auxiliary applications for internal usage by the team and the company - the first tool was an ASP MVC dashboard which traced the status of the RabbitMQ message queues ( The second tool was a navigation utility which enabled the user to browse couchbase ( documents and to explore their document relations. Like the first tool it was an ASP MVC website. Then I developed a RabbitMQ provisioning tool - a WPF application which by provided configuration could setup a new environment. The application was also able to determine what is not correct with the current environment setup - and fix it. Then I was writing unit & integration tests for existing systems and web services. After that I was developing RESTful services - part of the OAuth2 protocol.


Algorithms and Data Structures

I started programming in 8-th grade and over my school years I developed strong algorithmic thinking. I got in the university with a grade from the National Olympiad in Informatcs. I am still keen on algorithms!

Back-end Development

ASP MVC 4+, ASP Web Froms, C#, ServiceStack, REST

Front-end Development

JavaScript,  jQuery,  AJAX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


MSSQL Server, T-SQL, ORM Lite, CouchBase

Other competences

RabbitMQ, ABC PDF, CasperJS, PowerShell, SharePoint 2013 Development, C++


Nov 2011Oct 2012

.NET Development Essentials

Telerik Academy

The software development academy covers a lot of the .NET technologies as well as T-SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.