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Love working with people around me, creating a positive atsmophere. Juggling multiple tasks while keeping my focus on the outcome is natural to me. Through lots of motivation and coaching, I manage to form and participate in high performance teams, that causes divisions to grow beyond expectations. I have a unique capability to communicate with others and get the best possible outcome, no matter level in organization. 


Have spent the last 9 years at Falck Denmark, transforming and developing Falck into a more customer oriented organization, where business is seen from outside-in. Go-to market strategies, creating awareness and of course sales, was all on the daily agenda. I am very proud of the results and the difference I have made in Falck and in the way people/customers see and experience Falck today. 


Form and implement strategic plans and initiatives, so it benefits and makes a difference for the cutomers and stakeholders. Create an open environment where everything is possible, combined  with the idea of creating high performance teams.

Used to report weekly to the board of Directors and the management team on Kpi levels, forecasting, and activity costing. 


About me

I have an enormous  drive and a huge passion for what I am representing. Honesty, loyalty and a huge amount of motivation, is all things  I value and represent to the fullest. 

My wife and I have always dreamed about traveling the World to see where it would take us. So this summer, we sold our Company, House, quit our jobs and took off with our two kids:) 

Currently we stay in Australia where I have done some business, but We will be back in Denmark 12. Januar. 

My great passion is road biking. I bike all larger races in Denmark and have participated in La Marmotte in 2014 - 2015 and 2017. Planning to do the Maratona in Italy in 2018.

Work experience


Crypto Blockchain Entrepreneur

We Go Crypto - Australia QLD-NSW

Market mover on the We Go Crypto, smart arbitrage software. Invester and trader.

May 2016Marts 2017

Head of Sales Excellence and Quality Assurance

Falck Assistance 
  • Business Strategy BtC - Customer Care
  • Implement and present different initiatives  
  • HR Management
  • BtC Budget / Forecasting
  • Systems and process
  • Project Management - Valuebased customer exp. 
  • Application Management
  • External partnerships  
Jan 2012May 2016

Head of Internal and Partner Sales

Falck A/S

Secure that growth continued both internally and externally. 

Focus areas:

  • Analysis of Danish and foreign agencies
  • Create partnership contracts and provision models 
  • Creating test environments for telephone systems 
  • segment campaigns according to the strategy - BIG data analysis. 
  • Create leads together with marketing.     
  • Control and create KPIs 
  • Innovate sales concepts internally as well as externally 
  • Develop and coaching
  • Optimization of call flow and customer handling.
  • Forecasting and budgetting 
  • Project Management 
Feb 2011Jan 2012

Head of Sales 

Falck A/S

Ensure the growth of the sales division in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Budgetting and forecasting
  • Sales meetings,
  • KPIs
  • Project Management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Coaching managers
Jan 2010Jan 2011

Operations Manager

Falck A/S

Secure continuous growth of the Outbound division and establish a sales division in our Copenhagen Headoffice with primarily focus on the B2C market. 

Focus areas: 

  • Establishing the new sales division and develop the winning sales culture I created 
  • Increase the overall business acumen amongst employees and thus secure full implementation of the sales strategies
  • Project Management
  • Segment analysis and improvement 
  • Streamlining IT-systems
  • Develop sales strategies and KPIs
  • Develop TM campaigns


Apr 2008Dec 2009

Sales Manager

Falck A/S

Build and organize the Outbound sales division from scratch according to the overall strategy for the B2C market including the existing client portfolio and canvas market. 

Focus areas:

  • Analysis of systems
  • Analysis of sales systems
  • Creating sales strategies
  • Employee coaching
  • Budget and analysis responsibility
  • "rapporterings monduler"
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Campaign control


Sep 2007Apr 2008

Sales Insurance Agent

Codan Insurance RSA
  • B2C Sales of insurances
  • Establishing own portefolio
Aug 2006Aug 2007

Sales Agent

Walpak A/S

B2B Sales




MBA Business Administration

Southern University

1. semester


HD, Part 1 and 2

Aarhus University - School of Business and Social Sciences  

Strategy and Leadership

Thesis about operation strategy


Marketing & Management

Business Academy

Internship at Thorfisk/Aker Seafood in Seattle 


Royal Danish Army 

Sergent at JDR in Holstebro


  • Danish  - Native 
  • English - Fluent oral and written