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Facilities Manager

Civil and Safety Engineer with post graduate in Business Administration and Planning Engineer.


To work on Executive Function, challenging, encompassing my abilities, skills, talents and the experience gained throughout my career, so that I can bring to the company positive results through the Development and Management of a Business Plan and leading a strong team work. Available to work abroad and to travel.


Multifaceted Civil, Safety and Planning Engineer with Business Administration background and broad professional experience, besides experience in Project Management Construction of Airports ( PMI / PMBOK ), Facilities and Property Management and Research and Development Projects in areas as Health, Logistics, Industry, Oil & Gas, Construction Industry, Airports and Ports and Planning Strategic for companies. Also teaching Management in a post graduate course at a University (Mackenzie) in São Paulo City for 6 years. Lead Assessor at ISO 14.001. Strong skill of comunication.


Swimming, Walking, Classical Music, Reading and Movies.

International Work Trips

  • Independent University of Angola - invited to speak on topic Water Conservation and Reuse - Luanda and Lubango (2014)
  • Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA) - invited to speak on topic of Logistics in the context of Angolan Agriculture - Luanda (2012)
  • United Emirates Arab - invited by Fosroc Company to discuss Business in Angola - Dubai (2010)
  • Angola - to implement safety and health work in a construction company and to prospect new business - Luanda and Cabinda (2007, 2009, 2011)
  • Portugal - Seminar on Energy Certification in Lisbon (2006)
  • Colombia, Peru and Paraguai - to develop suppliers for American Contract Group (2002)
  • USA - training on Hamburger University at McDonald´s Head Office in Chicago (1996)

Work experience

June 2015May 2016

Property Manager

Management of Eldorado Business Tower with 29 elevators, 5000 people, 140 employees and HVAC - VRV system.

Dec 2014March 2015

Planner Projects

MRSIMAS Consultancy

Planning Studies of logistics at a construction site in Angola with histogram of 30.000 workers - focus on professional kitchens and laundries services.

Jan 2008May 2015

Safety Engineer and Consultant

Ecel Ambiental Ltda
  • Environmental expertise and studies
  • Occupational health  work
  • Valuation of environmental damage caused by spills of oil and its derivatives in the marine environment
  • Analysis of technical report of court proceedings
  • Technical Reports for Public Ministry
Jul 2014Nov 2014

Project Manager

  • Organization's marketing campaign of Brazilian Road Show 2014 and monitoring during trips of Road Show 2014 - Study in Sweden
  • Trainning of a team at CISB about Introduction of Project Management with focus at PMI / PMBOK
Jan 2014May 2014

Planning Construction Engineer and Safety Engineer

M&S Engenharia e Construções 
  • Consulting of Safety Engineer Work for a 8 floor building hospital construction with 4.500 square meter
  • Planning Program of a rebuilding of the First Aid Station (426 square meter) at the Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo (most important hospital in South America)
Oct 2009Nov 2013

Project Manager

FDTE - Fundação para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico da Engenharia

Note: This non profit organization was founded by the Engineer Professors of São Paulo University (Poli - USP) in 1972.

  • Project Management of Airports Construction based on PMI / PMBOK - working for INFRAERO Company in Brazil
  • Management of a purpose about Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro to  INFRAERO
  • Management of open competition for 270 regional airports in Brazil and construction and retrofit of 90 warehouses in Brazil
  • Organization's Research and Development Department for Product Development and Processes in field of health and raise funds for projects.This project was carried out with professors of the Paulista School of Medicine / USP and professors of Engineering University of São Paulo (USP). Reference: Professor Dr. Nilton Nunes Toledo
  • Development of Technical and Commercial Proposals with Reasearchers and Engineer Professors at University of São Paulo - 
  • Diagnosis and Execution of Strategic Planning at Industries Companies
  • Consulting to small and medium companies working with SWOT Analysis and Business Development Planning
  • Logistics Consulting and Costs Studies
  • Energy Efficiency studies (Energy Efficiency - ISO 50001 )
  • Organization of technical events about Architecture and Construction, Airports, Ports, Real Estate,  Development of New Products for Medical Industries, Internet of Things, Conservation and Reuse of Water and Law 12608/12 with Federal Government and São Paulo State
  • Marketing campaigns to publicize the company's management and technical courses
Aug 2008Apr 2009

Analyst Contract

Enesa Engenharia Ltda
  • Implementation of contracts for suppliers (ThyssenKrupp CSA - Rio de Janeiro / RJ)
  • Analysis of technical and commercial proposals
  • Audit processes in the insurance of equipment, property and liability of entire company
  • Rigging Planning
Aug 2007Mar 2008

Construction Engineer

Tecplan Engenharia e Empreendimentos Ltda
  • Coordinating of Safety and Health Jobs at Bourbon Shopping
  • Supervising of construction works at Bourbon Shopping (opened march / 2008)
  • Coordination of painting and waterproofing services
  • Supervising concreting 
Mar 2007Jun 2007

Safety Engineer

Grupo Prado Valladares, LDA
  • Deployment of Safety Engineer inside the buildings of the company
  • Training for trainees engineering
  • Maintenance program of equipments and cranes
May 2001Feb 2007

Management Executive

American Contract Group
  • Responding directly to the company's partners
  • Development of New Business and Suppliers
  • Negotiating, and technically and commercially defining the deals with customers, to manage the hiring of subcontractors and service providers, as well as to detect any contractual imbalance at an early stage
  • Manage ‘turn-key’ projects, including the export and import of equipments (mainly kitchen and cold storages equipments)
  • The purchasing, the logistics and the setting-up of equipments in business premises, providing tests and operational training, and including approvals of Suppliers’ Agreements
  • Business Administration of the Company - Budget, Development Marketing Strategies and Business Plan, Quality, Sales, Results
  • Works done directly with companies: ; ; ;
  • Business Trips to Colombia, Peru and Paraguai to know and negotiate suppliers to attend McDonald´s Company
  • Project Management to Exxon Mobil convenience stores (arquitecture, structural and facilities projects)
Oct 1991Feb 2001

Project Manager

McDonald´s Comércio de Alimentos Ltda
  • Annual Budget Management
  • Development of Suppliers
  • Monitoring of marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Overall maintenance and implementation of McDonald´s restaurants in states of Brazil: São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul
  • Responsible for purchasing equipments, the management and approval of projects by public agencies, contracting builders, auditing works, setting up equipments and operational trainning
  • Development and Cost Studies of new sales points
  • Co-responsible for analyses of technical and financial viability of projects and the follow-up of works schedules: negotiation of contractual amendments (additions)
  • Planning and setting-up of physical and financial schedules of projects, as well as the measurement supervision of services carried out by contractors (turn key)
  • Supervision of construction services for many new pads
  • To negotiate, and technically and commercially define the deals with customers, to manage the hiring of subcontractors and service providers, as well as to detect any contractual imbalance at an early stage
  • Implementation and preventive and corrective maintenance controls: in buildings and equipments
  • Experience in teaching training at the Trainning Department
  • Business trip to Chicago - Hamburguer University
  • Annual Award for best service to franchisees Company
Jun 1987Oct 1991

Engineer Coordinator Works

Atrium Engenharia e Comércio Ltda
  • Responsible for the Electric and Hydraulic Facilities in various business companies such as many McDonald’s Restaurantes (around 12 in 4 yeaars), bank branches (around 6 in 4 years), photographer’s studio, residential buildings (2 buildings of 20 floors), industries (Nestlé and Souza Cruz), stores at shopping centers and many others.


Nov 2007Dec 2008

Planning Engineer (studies paid by Petrobras Company)

São Paulo University (

Subjects studied:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Exploration, Explotation, Transportation, Refining and Distribution
  • Planning Production and Control
  • Environment Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • Management of the Production Process
  • Tools for Planning
  • Logistics Business
  • Quality and Productivity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management of Materials and Spare Parts
  • Management of Contract: Legal and Operational
  • Management of Contract: Budget and Finance
  • Management of Safety, Health and Environment
Feb 2005Jul 2008

Safety Engineer

São Paulo University
  • Completion of work on use of sulfur in the capstone of all the evidence of tests for resistance of concrete
  • Participation on a Seminar of Healthy Hospitals
  • Development of health service waste management plan
Jul 2000Jul 2001

Post Graduate in Construction Engineer


Subjects Studied:

  • Concrete Management
  • Pathologies in Construction
  • Lean Construction
  • Information Systems
  • New techniques for buildings systems
  • Ventilation
  • Sustainable Buildings
Jan 1991Feb 1992

Post Graduate in Business Administration

Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado

Planning and Management of Business with focus in Financial, Administration, Human Resources, Logistics and Budget.