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I am a sport and physical education teacher, BSc in the Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal. I am taking the MSc in Physical Activity and Health from University of Porto, Portugal. I am working with the Office of Sports Activities of the University of Porto, as a teacher of swimming and hidro. I also work as a personal trainer Condominiums (since 2007). I worked 7 months in Brazil (Minas Gerais and São Paulo) in aquatic activity. Had specific training in the Academia Formula (in São Paulo) in areas of aquatic activity, personal trainer and relaxation / stretching.


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BSc, Physical Education and Sports

University of Porto, Faculty of Sport
Incorporated an exchange of study in Brazil, in Minas Gerais, for seven months.

I developed an expertise in high performance in sport of athletics.

Work experience

Jul 2007Jan 2009

Personal Trainer

Aquatic Activities, Athletics Running and Gym Classes
Jul 2008Jan 2009

Managing the Company


Acting at the organization of sporting events

Coordination of activities within the company

Management of accounts and resources of the company
Aug 2007Aug 2007

Formula Academia

Formations in Brazil
I joined the work of the teacher during lessons of Andreia personal trainer. Incorporated in the classes of flexibility, pilates and running.
Jun 2007Aug 2007

Academia Lucena - Atibaia

Formations in Brazil
Trainee in aquatic activities (Hidro, Swimming and synchronized swimming)
Mar 2007Jun 2007


Formations in Brazil
Administration of the lessons of Hidro
Feb 2006Sep 2006

Stage in strength trainin and Hidro

Life Club


Managing the Company MPersonal
Athlete of Athletics
Fitness Instrutor
Personal Trainer