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I am a dedicated young man who will gladly give up my time to help. Time is not a problem; I have plenty to spare. Speaking clearly is not a problem and neither is punctuality. "To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable."

School Activities

Instrumental Music

New London High School Band

I am a very active member of the music department at New London High School.  I am a 2 year letter winner, section leader and first chair in the tuba section.  

I have been a member of the New London Jazz Band for five years and am currently the youngest and longest running member.

I have been a member of the New London Pep Band and Marching Band for two years. My first year I played trombone and the second year I played sousaphone.

I am a two-year member of the Tri-M Music Society. 

I have been a part of concert band for six years. I competed in Solo and Ensemble and received a superior rating for the tuba solo Big Jolly Jake. The Fireland's Conference Band is an event for the select group of elitist performers in the district, which I am currently cooperating in.  


Future College Degree


I am currently taking classes administered through Lorain County Community College to ease the financial weight off of my shoulders in the future. 

High School Degree

New London High School

New London offers a variety of education styles. The school offers many opportunities to advance and excel at your career choice. The abilities my classmates and I possess and expound are more than just your ordinary students.



Rarely am I hesitant to speak. I have multiple tendencies to voice my opinion very broadly while staying open-minded. I have tendencies to be commanding and can take a leader's role very easily if necessary. 


I am currently the stage manager of our school's play The Wizard of Oz and have been stage crew in previous years. I am glad to stay after school hours and help with any extra work or fixing any problems I see. 


I have experience playing many instruments, beginning with the low brass. Primarily I play the tuba in  concert, marching, and pep band, and I play trombone in jazz band.  I am expanding my musical intelligence by continuing to learn more instruments and musical eloquences throughout my high school and college career.