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Popular Topics: Personal Image

  • 'Image Management for Professionals'Like it or not, people form opinions about your company based on the image your employees project. This means everyone within your organization who has customer contact is an "ambassador" for the company. This workshop teaches them how to present the image that best represents your corporation.
  • 'Pack Your Bags!'Learn tips to prepare for your next trip, no matter the destination or occasion. Discover how to plan your travel wardrobe and pack like a pro. Find out how to stay safe and healthy on the road and even reduce the stress of travel. (This is the workshop that launched the Pack Your Bags! interactive book on CD-ROM.) 
  • Additional Personal Image TopicsOther workshops great for spouse programs or personal development tracks include: Wardrobe Strategies for Individuals, Smart Shopping Strategies, The Language of Color, Dress Slim, and more 

Speaker & Consultant

Like it or not, every day people form impressions about you and your company, based on the way you present yourself. As an image and marketing consultant, Marlys Arnold's mission is to equip both companies and individuals with the tools they need to build a dynamic professional image.

Over the past decade, she has worked with people in all kinds of industries to help them project a more authentic, appropriate image, whether for themselves or their company. While her focus is on trade show marketing, she also continues to work with individuals on personal image, and companies on their corporate image (both physical and digital).

Marlys launched her image consulting business after spending three and a half years as a reporter for the Kansas City Star. Since then she has helped hundreds of men, women and students improve their personal or professional image, either in workshops or private consultations. "I believe that looking good directly relates to our attitudes about ourselves and our careers," she said. Marlys also received certification from the Conselle Institute of Image Management in 2003.

Combining her image expertise with real-world marketing experience, Marlys also teaches how to 'Maximize Your Trade Show Results'. She has not only been a trade show exhibitor, but has also organized several expos and events, including a self-improvement retreat for women. Her unique perspective of the trade show industry from many angles allows her to share new insights with both beginning and experienced exhibitors.

A member of Meeting Professionals International, Marlys has presented for numerous companies and organizations, including:

  • Sprint
  • Bayer
  • dmg world media
  • Meeting Professionals International - Professional Education Conference
  • Meeting Professionals International - Kansas City Chapter
  • International Association of Exhibition Management (now IAEE)
  • Home Builders Association of Kansas City
  • Business Marketing Association - Houston Chapter

Marlys has been featured in both radio and television interviews, as well as included in publications from Kansas City to Australia. She writes two monthly tips e-zines, TradeShowTips Online and ImageTips Online, and is the host of the Trade Show Insights podcast. In 2002, she authored her first book, Build a Better Trade Show Image, which has also been translated into Chinese. Her second book, Pack Your Bags!, debuted in June 2006 as an interactive book on CD-ROM.

Popular Topics: Corporate & Trade Show Image

  • Exhibitor TrainingIn an interactive workshop, exhibitors will learn how to develop measurable goals for each show and create a winning image for both booth and staffers. In addition, they will learn how to help with show promotion and increase the number of leads gathered by recognizing and relating to the various personality types. 
  • 'Building a Buzz: Getting Results from Publicity & Media Relations'Have you ever wondered why you see competitors in the news so often? Do you wish it could happen for you? Learn tips from a former reporter on how to effectively work with the media, as well as how to write a dynamic press release. By gaining positive media exposure, you'll position your company as an expert in the community and obtain free word-of-mouth promotion.
  • 'Podcasts, Wikis & Blogs ... Oh, My!'How many of these Web 2.0 tools are you using for your marketing and meetings? Interactive online tools are exploding in popularity and can be a great addition to your meeting planning or exhibiting tool kit. This interactive session will walk participants through the process of starting a blog, creating social bookmarking and networking pages, sharing photos and videos online, and building a wiki for mass collaboration.

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