Jul 2000 - Present


University of Wisconsin

“Antenna Configurations for Large Area rf Inductive Plasma Sources”

Jun 1996 - Present


University of Florida

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Present

Assistant Professor of Physics

Stout Polytechnic University


  • developed new top-down, applications-focused College Physics II curriculum
  • revised solid state physics as "Condensed Matter Physics" for F09
  • submitted two course proposals for "University Physics I"
    • learning community proposal
    • honors course proposal


  • submitted a "Faculty Research Initiative" proposal and was funded
  • submitted an NSF CAREER proposal (unfunded)
  • attended and presented at "Magnetism and Magnetic Materials" conference in 10/08
  • submitted a Journal of Applied Physics article for the conference proceedings (rejected)
  • hired 2 research students to conduct work jointly with me and help with lab work
  • active member of Stout's "CORE" research committee
  • continuing CUR physics and astronomy division councilor

Physics Service

  • revised physics mission statement
  • formed a "Curriculum Reform Committee" for physics faculty to revise and update course offerings
  • serve as physics webmistress

Materials Service

  • serve as "champion" for the "Materials Science Concentration" in Applied Science
  • formed and chair the Materials Science, Engineering and Technology (MSET) faculty committee and have completed a 1st draft revision of the materials minor
  • gave 11/09 Applied Science Seminar "Nanomagnetism and the Storage Revolution"
  • co-chair for a Materials Research Society Symposium on Materials Education and Outreach
Aug 2004 - Aug 2008

Assistant Professor of Physics

Engineering Physics at UWP


  • improved and re-wrote engineering physics lab curriculum
  • taught studio-style (combined lecture and lab), calc-based physics course (summer 2006)
  • coordinated nanotechnology intro course (Spring 06)
  • updated astronomy observation labs
  • re-developed physical science course and lab in interactive (studio) style
  • coordinated introductory nano/MEMS course offering
  • supervised 8 undergraduate research projects
  • supervised a 5-person senior design project
  • developed and taught a 4 week nanomagnetism course module

Physics Education Research (PER)

  • administer assessments as part of the CCLI award project
  • eading studio physics transition of intro physics sequence for engineers
  • work with J.D. Patterson, retired professor of physics, FIT, "Effect of Current-Topic 'Commercials' on Introductory Physics Learning"
  • monitoring pre and post concept test results
  • UWP SoTL Project: "Iterative Grading of 'Mastering Physics' Homework: A Comparative Study"


  • faculty advisor to SPS physics student honor society
  • maintained two bulletin boards (EP research opportunities, EP description board)
  • spoke at SPS student honorary dinner
  • Chemistry student poster session judge
  • committees
    • Chem/EP search and screen committee
    • UWP Nanotechnology Program planning committee
    • UWP EMS Minority Education Committee
    • MS in Engineering committee
    • chair, EP search and screen (Physics lecturer)
    • Chem/EP search and screen (Chem lecturer)
  • presented Career Camp activities for Women in Engineering
2006 - 2008

Visiting Research Professor

Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
  • created crystallographically ordered FePt nanoclusters in situ (new result)
  • measured plasma parameters during FePt fabrication
  • established some theoretical limits on FePt nanoparticle phase transition in argon sputtering plasma
  • co-supervised an undergraduate research project on MnAu nanoparticle characterization
Aug 1997 - Mar 2005

Research Assistant

Materials Science Program at the UW

PhD Research

  • developed voltage waveform construction methodology
  • created in-situ predictive software for plasma diagnostic
  • assembled probe for plasma diagnostic
  • designed and manufactured in-house ion energy analyzer
  • designed and assembled plasma diagnostic housings
  • 2 month resident, Sandia National Labs
  • manufacture and testing, over 100 micron-scale ion energy analyzers
  • research collaboration, test of analyzers
  • developed software for ion energy analyzer data acquisition
  • designed and assembled a dedicated vacuum chamber for above research

MS Research

  • completed antenna model for inductive plasma generation
  • designed and manufactured large area, rectangular induction antennas
  • developed shielding designs for these antennas
  • collaborated with researchers based outside the US
  • rehabilitated unused vacuum chamber


  • Materials Science student advisory committee member
  • College of Engineering welcoming committee member
Jan 2004 - May 2004

Adjunct Physics Faculty

Madison Area Technical College (MATC)
  • developed technical science course curriculum
  • created new laboratory exercises
  • taught intermediate algebra course
Aug 1993 - Aug 1997

Member of Technical Staff-I

Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Microelectronics Group

Multilevel Interconnect Development Engineer

  • chaired cross-departmental team to identify and correct problems with pattern-dependent plasma processing
  • served as president of Women in Leadership at Lucent (WILL)


  • designed a servo for a plasma etch system at Lucent Microelectronicas, Madrid, Spain ('95)
  • assisted plasma etch engineers at Lucent Technologies ('94)
  • tested metallization manufacturing processes, AT&T ('93)
Aug 1993 - Aug 1996

Honors Physics Student


  • aided in fabrication of superconducting nanowires
  • operated SEM for electron-beam lithography of above nanowires


  • president, society of physics students (SPS), UF-Gainesville chapter
  • member, Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society, UF-Gainesville chapter


Journal Articles


  • Materials Education, M.M. Patterson, E.D. Marshall, C.G. Wade, J.A. Nucci, D.J. Dunham (eds), Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, (1233), 2010 .

Conference Presentations

Conference Posters

  • M.G. Bouc, C.J. Buelke, K.P. Coughlin, T.J. Yungbauer, M.M. Patterson, "Structure Determination of FePt, FeAu and MnAu Using Single Crystal HRTEM Transforms", Materials Research Society, 2012 Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • M.M. Patterson, X. Rui, J.E. Shield, D.J. Sellmyer, "Method to Create Cubic FePt Clusters During in situ Gas-Phase Aggregation", Materials Research Society, 2008 Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • M.M. Patterson, X. Rui, J.E. Shield, D.J. Sellmyer, "Method to Create Cubic FePt Clusters During in situ Gas-Phase Aggregation", 2007 Midwest Solid State Conference, Lincoln, NE.
  • M.M. Patterson, T. Lho, A.E. Wendt, N. Hershkowitz, "Antenna Configurations for Large-Area rf Inductive Plasma Sources", 47th Symposium of the American Vacuum Society, Boston (2000).
  • M.M. Patterson, A.E. Wendt, "Antennas for Large-Area Inductively Coupled Plasmas", 46th Symposium of the American Vacuum Society, Seattle 1999).

Local Posters and Presentations

  • MM Patterson, "Plasma Probe and AFM Characterization of Fe Nanomagnets", 2008 UW-Platteville Research Poster Day.
  • C Hineline, L Johnson, M Lowery, M Sala, J Smith, MM Patterson, "Deposition of Nano-Magnets via Aggregate Sputtering", 2007 UW-Platteville Research Poster Day.
  • MM Patterson, "Plasma-Aided Nanomagnet Control and Characterization", Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing talk, 2007, Madison, WI
  • J Smith, X Rui, P Rasmussen, MM Patterson, JE Shield, "Magnetic property characterization of MnAu nanoclusters in an Fe matrix", UW-Platteville Research Presentation, December 2006.
  • MM Patterson, D Foust, T Baker, H Evensen and JP Hamilton, "Observation of Self Assembly of Nickel Nanowires", 2006 UWP Research Poster Session.
  • MM Patterson, "Control and Measurement of Ion Bombardment Energies at Substrates Biased with Tailored Voltage Waveforms", 2002 Plasma-Aided Manufacturing Seminar, UW-Madison
  • MM Patterson, "Antenna Configurations for Large-Area rf Inductive Plasma Sources", 2000 Plasma-Aided Manufacturing Seminar, UW-Madison
  • MM Patterson, "Making Diamond-Like Carbon", 1999 Materials Science Program Seminar, UW-Madison.


Prof. Amy Wendt (PhD thesis advisor)

[email protected] E-HALL, 1415 ENGINEERING DRMADISON WI 53706(608) 262-8407

Prof. Jeff Shield

[email protected] ENGINEERINGN109 WSEC UNL 68588-0656(402)472-2378

Prof. Noah Hershkowitz

[email protected] ERB, 1500 ENGINEERING DRMADISON WI 53706(608) 263-4970

Prof. R. Claude Woods

[email protected] CHEMISTRY, 1101 UNIVERSITY AVEMADISON WI 53706(608) 262-2892

Prof. Harold (Hal) Evensen

[email protected] 216, 1 UNIVERSITY PLAZAPLATTEVILLE,WI 53818(608) 342-1531

Honors and Awards

As an Assistant Professor

  • 06, 07, 08  Faculty/Student Pair Summer Research Fellowship (Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, UNL)
  • 08/07 awarded a Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) NSF grant as a co-PI (UWP)
  • 02/07 High Merit rating on annual review (UWP)
  • 01/07 Elected Councilor for Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) (UWP)

As a Student

  • 07/02 Graduate Engineering Research Scholarship (UW - Madison)
  • 07/97 Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (UW - Madison)
  • 03/93 Opportunity Awards Fellow (OAP) (AT&T, now Lucent Technologies)

Professional Memberships


  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
  • Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers (WAPT)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma
  • American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE)


  • American Vacuum Society (AVS)
  • Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • American Physical Society (APS)