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A Corporate Assistant with a manufacturing company, Marlaina Labrasca enjoys a wide range of charitable and recreational activities in her time away from the office. Marlaina Labrasca works in a high-pressure environment to ensure the success of various business matters. More specifically, she contributes to the resolution of product design issues, arrangement of distribution protocols, and matters concerning order execution and fulfillment. An individual who loves working with children, Marlaina Labrasca spends much of her free time pursuing involvement in the philanthropic efforts of various organizations. In addition to her previous service as a teacher’s assistant at a tennis camp for children aged three to seven, Marlaina Labrasca has performed volunteer services for a preschool in her area. Another group to which Labrasca has committed her time and energy, Kids Fight Cancer, is an Arlington Heights, Illinois-based charity founded by a four-time cancer survivor to educate and entertain children undergoing various cancer therapies in a safe environment. To maintain a high level of physical fitness, Marlaina Labrasca enjoys exercising often, both by running and by taking yoga classes. In the future, she hopes to pursue her love of cooking and fine cuisine further by traveling and learning recipes from foreign countries. Currently, her favorite recipes include various dishes influenced by European culture, such as an array of beef stews and soups. Before beginning her professional career, Marlaina Labrasca attended the University of Wisconsin, where she majored in art history. Graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts, she concentrated her studies on artists of European ethnicity. Her extracurricular activities during her college years included track and field as well as membership in the University’s Art History Society.

Work experience

Corporate Assistant



University of Wisconsin-Madison